Ten Of The Worlds Most Dangerous Airlines

TU204-CU-C1703There are some airlines you may want to consider carefully before you decide to book your flight with them.

Many of these airlines are not known to most people since they are not the very popular airlines and they are not flying the most traveled routes.

Here are some of the more dangerous airlines. They are not listed in any particular order.

  1. Cubana Airlines has had a large number of accidents considering the limited number of completed flights. They have improved their safety procedures since their last fatal accident in 1999.
  2. Nepal Airlines has experienced almost a dozen fatal accidents during the past thirty years. This airline has only a limited number of flights.
  3. Lion Air has experienced quite a few accidents. This Indonesia Airline is considered one of the most dangerous. Several Indonesia Air Asia airlines are not permitted to fly to the Untied States or the European Union.
  4. Tara Air is a fairly new airline. It operates in Nepal. The airline has only been in existence about six years and has experienced one fatal accident in that short period of time.
  5. Garuda Indonesia has improved its safety issues. The airline was banned from flying in the European Union from 2007 to 2009 because of safety problems. In 2009 the ban was lifted as the airline had improved.   In fact, in 2010 the airline won an award for the most improved airline.

Garuda_Indonesia_A330-200_PK-GPJ_HKG_2010-8-136. Avianca is the Columbia flag carrier. Its safety problems are caused more by warring gangs and not by the fault of the airline.

7. Kam Air is not an airline you are likely to travel now since it is located in Afghanistan. The airline has only been in existence for ten years, but has already experienced fatal accidents.

8. Philippine Airlines has had financial setbacks when in 1998 it was placed in receivership. It came out of receivership in 2007. The main reason the airline is considered dangerous is due to terrorist incidents they have experienced. They have been plagues by several bombings and a hijacking. The airline has experienced six fatal accidents.

9.  Kenya Airlines is the largest airline in Kenya and is its flag ship carrier. The main reason it can be considered dangerous is its relatively limited number of flight hours. Over the past ten years the airline has experienced two fatal accidents.

10. China Airlines suffered a series of fatal accidents up to 2002. Since that time their safety record has improved . The airline has experienced six fatal accidents.