The Benefits Of A Standing Deck


The human body was not designed to sit for long periods of time. Recent research indicates that sitting for more than three hours per day may shorten your life. Between working, watching TV, surfing the web eating and driving the average American sits, on average, 13 hours daily.

There is a new phrase “Sitting is the new smoking. This may be exaggerated, but prolonged sitting can be a health risk.

Using a standing desk for just a few minutes each hour or for just a couple hours per day may add years to your life.

Alternate options to purchasing a desk designed only for standing is a desk which is normal height to be used while sitting in a chair and then with a punch of a button the desk can be raised to a standing height position. It is also possible to purchase a desk extension which will let you convert your normal height desk into one where you can stand.

Some of the health benefits of using a standing desk include an increase in productivity. Standing will give you a decrease in the feeling of fatigue and a burst of energy. It will also enhance your creative thinking.


Standing speeds up your metabolism. Not only does this contribute to increased productivity it also burns more calories. In fact, someone standing may burn 50 more calories per hour then when they are sitting. Also, sitting too long may cause fat cells in the buttock to expand causing a large waistline and butt.

If you suffer from muscle aches or back pain, standing for some of your work day may help strengthen your back muscles, take the pressure off your spine and help you feel better.

Sitting for long periods may contribute to cells becoming less responsive to insulin. This can be harmful for those at risk for type 2 diabetes.

People who sit for long periods of time have increased risk for cardiovascular disease. Prolonged sitting may be a factor contributing to some forms of cancer including breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer and lung cancer.

If you decide to explore using a standing desk you don’t want to start by standing eight hours per day. Instead, ease into it. You might want to use a raised chair or stool in order to sit at the standing desk for some of the time. You might want to alternate working at the standing desk with working at a normal height desk. You might even want to do some pacing as you work.

At first your co-workers will think you are strange, but considering the health advantages of using a standing desk you might want to give it a try.