The Benefits of Raspberry Ketones

raspRaspberry ketone is being hailed as a great aid to weight loss.  Raspberry ketones are the chemical compounds that give the enticing smell to raspberries.  The ketones removed from raspberries have been used for years for flavoring colas and ice cream and in the aroma in cosmetics.

Recently raspberry ketones have been promoted as a way to lose weight even if you are eating a high fat diet.  Raspberry ketones are said to easily burn fat and to trick your body into thinking and acting as if it is thin.

So far, the only studies on the effects of raspberry ketones have been on animals.  It did seem to alter the animals’ metabolism resulting in reduction of fatty tissue.  It also seemed to increase the animal body’s ability to burn fat by increasing the production of certain hormones.  There is no actual evidence, however, that these benefits are the same for humans.

Raspberries contain a small amount of ketones so you would have to eat a huge amount to notice any benefit.  Raspberry ketones are being sold as supplements.  Since the natural raspberry ketones are available in limited amounts many of these supplements are made using synthetic products.

Some side effects of taking raspberry ketones that have been noted are increased blood pressure, nervousness and rapid heartbeat.  No studies have been done to determine if raspberry ketones have any interaction with other foods or drugs.

Before starting to use raspberry ketones as a weight loss aid be sure to discuss it with your health care professional.  Until there have been studies of the effects of raspberry ketones on humans it may be more prudent to try and lose weight using the old fashioned method  of limiting food intake while increasing exercise.