The Benefits of Vitamin E

viteVitamin E is a fat soluble antioxidant which helps protect the body from free radicals.  It is necessary for smooth muscle structure and heart functions.  It also helps the body maintain its store of vitamins A and K, selenium and iron.  It helps with the red blood cells formation.  Health benefits of vitamin E include protection from toxins in the air which may cause lung damage  and improvement in immunity levels.  It may thin the blood preventing blood platelets from clumping.  It may reduce the risk of coronary artery disorders or heart disease and sunstroke.  It may help reduce fatigue.  Vitamin E may reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol levels and may reduce the risk of developing cancer.  It may also help protect against cataracts, diabetes and since it keeps the nervous system healthy it may protect against neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s.  Vitamin E may help reduce hot flashes in women in menopause. It may also slow the deterioration which causes aging enabling you to have a better life as you age.   Vitamin E is found in foods such as spinach, sunflower seeds, wheat germ, vegetable oils and nuts.

In addition to food, vitamin E is available as a supplement.  Be sure to check with your health care professional before starting to take any supplements.  Vitamin E may interfer with statin medicines and chemotherapy medicines and should not be taken with blood thinners except under the direction of your health care provider.

The National Institute of Health has recommended a daily allowance of vitamin E for adults over 14 years of age as 15 mg .  Since Vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin it is best absorbed with a meal containing fat.

Another way to have the benefits of vitamin E is by using vitamin E oil.  Vitamin E oil is absorbed through the epidermis layer of the skin so is beneficial for skin care.  It helps the skin to retain its natural moisture so the skin appears fresh and healthy.  Applying the vitamin E oil helps the healing of scars and acne and since it speeds up cell regeneration may have some effect on wrinkles.  It can be used as protection from the sun and for treating sunburn.