The Best Plants For Air Purifying


Most people spend the bulk of their time indoors. Unfortunately the air quality indoors is often of very poor quality. Pollutants build up in the stagnant indoor air. Building materials and cleaning supplies among various other materials give off toxic compounds into the stale air. This air pollution causes many ailments such as dizziness, headaches, nausea and irritations to the ear, eye, nose and throat. The stagnant air problem in a building is known as sick building syndrome.

There is an easy inexpensive way to clean some of the indoor air. Plants will purify air. Simply adding some potted plants to a room can reduce the amount of air pollution. Plants remove some of the pollutants from the air while they take in carbon dioxide. The plant then releases oxygen back into the room.

There are many kinds of plants that are easy to grow. Even if you do not have a green thumb these plants are hard to kill.

  1. The Garden Mum is inexpensive and available at any garden store. It removes many toxins from the air. When the plant is finished blooming it can be planted outdoors.
  2. Dracaena plants come in over 40 different types so you should be able to find one that fits into your home. They are foliage plants with long wide leaves which may be variegated with other color lines. Be wary of bringing this plant into your home if you have a dog or cat since the plant is toxic to them.
  3. Spider Plants are especially easy to grow. They grow flower shoots that grow into baby spider plants. These plants prefer indirect sunlight.
  4. Peace Lily is easy to grow and grows best in shady spaces. You want to keep the soil moist, but not over watered. The Peace Lily will flower in summer. Flowering plants will contribute some pollen to the air. They will produce a floral scent so you don’t want too many plants or the scent may be too strong.
  5. Snake Plant also called Mother-In-Law’s Tongue. These plants are almost impossible to kill. They need to be watered occasionally, like some sunlight and do better with drier conditions.

Low_light-loving_Snake_Plant6. Aloe Vera is easy to grow. Its leaves have a clear liquid filled with vitamins and other compounds that may help heal wounds. If the harmful chemicals in the air become excessive the plant will display brown spots on its leaves.

7. Rubber Tree grows easily in cooler climates in dim light. This plant is very easy for a novice to grow.

8. Philodendron is also easy to care for and may last for many years. The plant likes some sunlight and should be watered moderately.

9. English Ivy is especially good at filtering the air. It is an adaptable easy to grow plant. The English Ivy likes to be in medium sunlight with a moderate temperature.

10. Golden Pothos is a beautiful simple plant which grows best in low sunlight and cool temperatures. It is lovely as a hanging plant.

All of the plants listed are easy to grow and will filter some of the pollutants from the air so it is cleaner and better for your health. There are many other plants which work very well indoors. Having plants in your environment will make you feel better and is an inexpensive way to purify some of the air and rid it of various toxins. Different types of plants work to reduce different types of toxins from the air.

If you have dogs or cats who live in your home make sure any plant you bring into your space is safe and not harmful to your pet.