The Importance of Choosing the Right High Chair

highchairA high chair is an important item in the household where children live.  After a child sits up a high chair becomes a convenient place for the adult to feed the child.  With a tray in place it can also allow a small child to sit and play with small toys or just observe his surroundings (with the adult in attendance, of course).

You want a high chair that is sturdy and easy to clean.  Its also nice to have a high chair that is portable and can be folded up and transported in the car if you are visiting somewhere and will be feeding your child there.

A harness device for keeping the child secure in the chair is an excellent choice.  A child always needs to be buckled into his high chair.  The tray is not sufficient for keeping a child safe in the chair.

Most high chairs are either wood or plastic or a combination thereof.  Some have a metal frame.  You want to find a chair which has a seat that can be raised or lowered easily.  One which has a tray that removes easily and one where the straps adjust easily.  A plus is a tray that can be put into the dishwasher for cleaning.  Wooden high chairs may have seats that are too deep for a young child and the foot rest may be too low.  The trays on a wooden chair are also heavier to handle than some other materials.

A cushion in the chair will make it more comfortable.  If the chair is not comfortable the child will not be happy sitting in it.   You will want to wipe off the cushion often.  It is a good idea if the cushion is removable and machine washable.

Some parents prefer the hook-on high chair.  These attach to the table and take up much less space.  They are portable and can also be attached to a regular chair seat.

Before purchasing your high chair check to see which chairs have been given the highest ratings.  Check with other parents you know to see if they are happy with the chair they purchased.  Check to see if the model you are considering has had any recalls.

High chairs are available on line and at a variety of stores where baby products are sold.  Prices vary depending on the type chair you choose.  Keep in mind that your child will be using his chair a few times each day for several years.