The Importance of CoQ10 And Why You Should Consider Supplements

CoQ10 (Coenzyme Q10) is found naturally in every cell in our body.  It is necessary for the energy our body needs for cell maintenance and growth.  Our bodies make CoQ10, but sometimes the amount produced is not sufficient to provide the energy needed for our vital organs to function properly.

coq10Our heart, liver and kidneys are very active organs and need lots of energy to perform at their optimum level. Cells need sufficient amounts of CoQ10 in order  function properly.  CoQ10 helps convert food to the  energy needed to supply these vital organs.  CoQ10 also acts as an antioxidant to protect the body.  It may help protect the skeletal muscles and the heart.

Taking statin medication may reduce the natural level of CoQ10 in the body and taking a supplement will help increase this level.  It may also aid in counteracting the weakness and muscle aches some people experience while taking the statin medicines.

CoQ10 is thought to assist with cancer, periodontal disease,  and heart failure. It helps improve the functions of  both the liver and kidneys.  It may help prevent heart disease caused by chemotherapy drugs.  It may speed recovery from exercise.

For some people CoQ10 may lower blood pressure after it has been taken for a period of time.  It may also lower blood sugar levels.  People with diabetes or those with hyperglycemia who are taking medication for these problems need to be careful about taking CoQ10.  It may also interact with  blood thinner drugs.

CoQ10 is available naturally in small amounts in many foods and is available in higher amounts in  foods such as sardines, mackerel, beef, peanuts and is especially high in organ meats like liver, kidney and heart.

CoQ10 can help keep organs working at their healthy levels.  CoQ10 is available in capsule form in several different strengths.  CoQ10 is also know as Q10 or vitamin Q10.   Before adding any supplements to your health regime be sure to check with your health professional.