The Many Benefits of Coconut Oil

SPE-11201-1People in the South Pacific consume large amount of coconuts and are very healthy and live a long life without evidence of heart disease.  Many people all around the world eat massive amounts of coconut and are thriving.

Coconuts have many health benefits and it is the coconut oil that is said to possess many of these health benefits,  Although coconut oil is high in saturated fats it is said to be the healthiest oil in the world.  Coconut oil is a medium chain fatty acid (MCFA).  These acids do not negatively have an effect on cholesterol.  Coconut oil contains lauric acid and this is highly toxic to funguses, viruses and bacteria.

Coconut oil can increase metabolism and decrease hunger resulting in weight loss.  Additionally, coconut oil is said to lower the risk of diabetes, improve cholesterol levels, help prevent osteoporosis,  help boost brain function for those suffering with Alzheimer’s disease, reduce inflammation in the muscles and joints,  protect against some cancers and much more.

You can use coconut oil for frying food or you can use it in baked goods by substituting coconut oil for 50% of the fat called for in the recipe.

When you start using coconut oil start with small amounts to see how your system will react to it.  You may eventually build up to approximately 3 tablespoons daily,

Applying coconut oil to dry hair and wrapping a hot towel around it for about 15 minutes will give you more shiny healthy looking hair.  Massaging the oil into the scalp may help control dandruff.   When applied to skin coconut oil can improve the skin’s moisture and it can act as a mild sunscreen.

While many people are fans of the use of coconut oil be aware that there is some controversy over the claims of its many health benefits.  There do not appear to be clinical trials yet that will support all of the claims of these benefits.

Most people do not have adverse side effects from coconut oil use.  If you have been following a low fat diet an increase in the fat may cause diarrhea.

You may want to discuss the use of coconut oil with you health care professional