The Many Health Benefits of Cherries

cherEating cherries can increase the antioxidant activity in the body for up to twelve hours.  Cherries have vitamin A and C, protein and fiber.  They are low in calories with only 90 calories in a cup of cherries.

There are many health benefits of both the tart or sour cherries and the sweet cherries.

You can either eat the fresh fruit or drink pure cherry juice, use a cherry concentrate or take a pill  If you are eating the fresh fruit you do not want to eat or chew the seeds or stem as these may be harmful.  Just one or one and one half cups of cherries daily can provide many health benefits for you.

Health benefits attributed to the sour cherries include help with lowering heart disease risks and the risk of strokes, help lowering  the blood sugar levels in people with diabetes, help with improving memory, help with lowering colon cancer risks, help with arthritis, help with other inflammatory problems.  In fact, taking cherries for just a two day period has been shown to lower the  risk of gout attacks in those who suffer from this disease.  Taking a glass of sour cherry juice shortly after waking in the  morning and shortly before going to bed at night can increase your ability to get to sleep.

Sweet cherries also aid with the ability to get to sleep, may aid in protecting cells against Alzheimer’s disease, may help reduce inflammations, may help reduce the risk of hypertension  and stroke, may help with heart disease and may lower the risks of some types of cancers.

Since the sweet cherries contain fructose you may not want to eat an excessive amount of them.

There do not appear to be any side effects from consuming fresh cherries unless you have an allergy to the fruit.