The Top 6 Ways To Overcome Stomach Bloat


bloated-stomach-gettyWhen we feel bloated we feel rotten. Our clothes don’t seem to fit and we feel out of sorts all day. We wonder what has caused this miserable feeling and we want to get rid of it and keep the bloat from coming back.

Sometimes being bloated is the result of water retention. This is often a problem mainly for women.   They especially may feel bloated just before their menstrual period. The most common cause of bloat is likely intestinal gas.

  1. Intestinal gas can be the result of some bacteria reacting to certain foods. These bacteria seem to like artificial sweeteners. Some chewing gums contain these sweeteners and may be the reason for your bloating. When we chew gum we also swallow air and this will contribute to bloating. If you have a problem with bloating try not chewing gum.
  2. Avoid foods and beverages which can contribute to gas and bloating. These foods and drinks include products containing yeast such as bread and beer, fruits except green apples, all types of sugar products such as cakes, products containing malt (often found in cereals), vinegar especially balsamic, alcohol, products with moulds such as mushrooms and hard cheeses.

Instead enjoy grains, fresh nuts (not salted or honeyed) meat and fish, whole grain and rice cereals without malt, eggs, natural yogurt, soft cheese and fresh vegetables.

  1. Try eating smaller meals. We often eat too much and this can make us feel bloated. Eat slowly so your body will know when it has had sufficient food and it will let you know its time to stop eating. Listen to your body. Take note of how you feel after you have stuffed yourself and how you feel when you are just satisfied. Learn to judge your portions so you will just be satisfied and not overloaded with food.

person-eating-soup4. Another item to avoid is too much salt. Salty foods can cause water retention. You do not need a salt shaker on your dining table. The salt used in preparing the food should be more than enough. In fact, if you are doing the cooking cut down on the salt in a recipe.

This usually will not make a difference in the taste of the food you are preparing. Read label on prepared foods for the sodium amount. Some products are very high in sodium. Besides making you feel uncomfortable, excess salt can lead to heart problems and other health conditions.

  1. When you are feeling bloated your body is retaining something – either fluid or gas. Get moving. Exercise helps the body to get rid of things. Moving will help get the fluid and/or the gas on its way out of your body.
  2. Water flushes your cells so drink lots own water. Water helps the cells in your body work more efficiently. The water is needed for the oxygen and nutrients to be transported throughout the body. Water will also help transport the waste materials out of our cells and out of our bodies.

If you are having severe problems with bloat and it happens frequently it may be smart to

consult you health care professional. You may also want to discuss with them whether probiotics are indicated for you. Probiotics are friendly bacteria which optimize the bacteria balance in the digestive tract and may help reduce symptoms of gas and bloating.