There Is An Art To Giving Business Cards

Business cards represent your corporate or professional identity.  Giving business cards is an art.  Business cards give you the opportunity to impact your prospective or existing customers.  They are a way to stay in touch with these customers and they may help you deal confidently with them.

Some business professionals do not pay enough attention to their business cards in the belief that a business card is just a small rectangular piece of paper with a name and phone number so others know who you are and what business you represent.

There definitely is something beyond the simple plain paper business card.  Color business cards demonstrate that there is something more than the plain card.   Business cards are used all over the world to provide information about a company and/or the professional or employee who holds it.  The card provides contact information and other pertinent details.

Color business cards are part of a practical business strategy following refined business etiquette.  Some cards include empty spaces to allow for writing certain details such as an appointment date and time.  Some other color cards are blank and come in handy when the holder needs to leave some further details about something.

In business every minute is important.  Time is gold.  Often an individual only has a few minutes to impress a prospective client before someone else comes along to divert his attention.  You may have a brief pleasant polite meeting, but if the encounter is accompanied by giving out a poor business card it is likely the client will forget about you as soon as you leave his presence.  Unprofessional business cards will not impress.  They will leave a prospective client with a negative thought about your company.

Well done color business cards are attractive and catch the eye of even the most skeptical business contact.  The old saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words” holds true when you are describing the first impression left on a person who receives your business card.

Business cards, whether regular business cards or color business cards, should be printed on high quality paper. They should feel good to the person holding the card.  The cards should be designed by a professional.  Public domain graphics or any element that makes the business card look cheap should be avoided.  Be sure the business card includes all the information needed by your business associate.  Always carry enough business cards with you.  You never know when you will meet someone who is interested in the product or services you offer.  Be sure you have an adequate supply of business cards with you at any business meeting or networking or social event.

Whenever you attend an event with other professionals try to exchange business cards with them.  The art of business cards is not only in giving them away, but also in receiving business cards from others.  You may learn from someone else’s business card so study its design and content.

Remember, business cards are not simply a small piece of paper used to keep in touch with others.  Your business card is the branding tool of your company.