These Awesome Plants Will Green Up Your House

6a015435e02f15970c01b8d07aae1b970cAn easy inexpensive way to add color and interest to your home is to include some houseplants in your rooms.

Not only are plants lovely to look at they do double duty by cleaning the indoor air and getting rid of some of the nasty toxins that accumulate in the home. In the winter plants provide some needed humidity.

Plants are popular for any room in your home. They work especially well if your want to add some lush green to your bathroom. You can liven up your bathroom even if you cannot afford to redo the space simply by adding plants. Many plants will thrive in the warm humid atmosphere of the bathroom. Be sure to check whether the plants you choose for this room will receive enough light.

The spider plant looks great anywhere. It does very well in the humidity associated with a bathroom. You might want to hang a few of these in a room.

The aloe vera plant is nice to have around the house since it can be used for burns, bites and other skin issues. The aloe vera does very well in a warm bright space. The plants are forgiving and are hard to kill.

The Chinese evergreen does well in a warm shady humid space. This is another plant that will likely do well in a bathroom.

The Gardenia plant does well indoors or outdoors. It likes a humid atmosphere and it also needs sunlight. The wonderful fragrant blossoms of the gardenia plant will freshen any room.

83c93ebe89d8c5f8b6ed7ce2e511b7daThe orchid is an excellent plant to add some drama to a room. These can be displayed in lovely containers or mini orchids can be displayed on windowsills.

If you are looking for houseplants which are easy to care for and fun to see try some cacti and succulents. These come in many shapes, different varieties and numerous colors. They can be placed in various containers and add some interest to your room.

When you are deciding on your houseplants you need to consider the lighting and humidity and temperature in your room. Check the care requirements when you are considering a plant and then follow the guidelines on the care card after you get the plant home.

If you want maximum green impact in a room you might want to look into the dramatic green wall. These green walls do not require a great deal of space. There are kits available to produce a living green wall or you can hire a professional to install one for you.

The simple, easy, inexpensive way to make you home more green and to clean your indoor air is bringing in some houseplants to act as air filters while at the same time adding beauty and serenity to your home.

If you have pets or young children in your home be sure any plants you bring in are not toxic to the pet or harmful to the child.