Things To Consider When Hiring A Nanny

Your family now includes a child and you need help taking care of the child.  For one reason or another you do not feel that daycare is the right choice for your child.  Perhaps you feel that in daycare there are too many children for your child to receive the attention needed.  Perhaps you prefer the convenience of having someone take care of your child in your own home.

You may be considering a nanny for your childcare.  You will need to determine whether you want a full-time nanny, a part time nanny or a nanny who is on call.  Your budget may be the determining factor in which type nanny you choose.

Do you want someone who will not only care for your child, but will also clean the house and/or cook meals and transport your child to after school activities or play dates?  Are there any other responsibilities you want the nanny to handle?

Do you want a nanny from your own local area or do you want to consider someone who speaks another language with your own native language as their second language?    If you are considering an au pair they are usually young people from a foreign country.  Do you want to allow your nanny to have visitors in the home when you are not there?  Will you allow a nanny to smoke in your home?

When you are trying to decide on child care you will need to take your budget into consideration.  What is the going rate for a nanny in your local area and can you afford one who will provide the services you want?  It may help your budget if you can make arrangements with another family to share a nanny.  You and the other family will need to have a clear understanding of the responsibilities you both require.

You can find a nanny any number of ways.  They can be found by going through an agency, a personal friend or acquaintance can refer a nanny to you or you can post an advertisement in the paper for a nanny.

However you locate a prospective nanny you will need to ask them for references from other families for whom they worked and be sure you check out these references carefully.  You need to check the prospective nanny’s identification including their driver’s license.  You need to run a background check and criminal check to be sure the nanny is safe to take care of your child.  If you go through a reputable licensed and bonded agency they may have done many of these checks already.  You want to know about the education of the nanny.  The educational requirements will depend on your own personal requirements.  It is helpful if the nanny is trained in first aid and in CPR.

If you are using an agency, ask your questions about the background and work experience before you even meet the prospective nanny.  Do not commit to hiring the nanny until you have interviewed them even if the agency says the nanny is perfect for you.

If you are hiring on your own do not commit to hiring the nanny until all of the background checks and references have come back and are satisfactory to you.

A nanny will become a part of your family while working for you and you want to be sure this person is honest and responsible and will fit in with the other family members.