Things Wives Wish They Had Known Before Their Marriage

It is an unfortunate and sobering fact that the statistics on the divorce rate as compared with the number of successful marriages is disheartening.  Some women enter into marriage thinking it is going to be some magical fairytale life.  They lament later that there are many things they wished they had known before they actually entered into their marriage.  Even women who have lived with their future husband for a period of time find that things are different after marriage. Some of the things women wish they had known before marriage include:

They wish they had realized what being married is really like.   Even intelligent women may have a rosy dream of married life.  Marriage is not a fairytale happy all the time life.  It is far more serious than living a fairytale.  For a marriage to work there needs to be compromise and understanding from both partners.

They wish they had taken a little more time before getting married to be sure this was the right person and the man they truly loved.  Some women have allowed themselves to be talked into a marriage before they were completely ready.  In fact, they may not even be sure they are in love with the man they marry.  This situation cannot lead to a successful marriage.

They wish they had known themselves better.  Some women marry before they ever really understand who they are.  It is very hard to understand yourself and try to learn to understand your partner at the same time.

They wish they knew their future in-laws better.  It is not a good situation for a marriage if you are blindsided by how your husband is influenced by his own parents view of marriage and what it should be like.

They wish they had realized the bad behavior of their partner is not going to improve after marriage.  The woman may make excuses for the bad behavior of her intended before marriage thinking in her mind that she can change things. Wrong! It is likely that the bad behavior will continue and only get worse after the marriage.  It is very unlikely that you will be able to change the behavior from your husband that you dislike.

They wish they had discussed finances with their intended husband before the marriage.  Marriage may be difficult if one partner is free spending and the other is a saver.   It isimportant for the couple to determine a spending plan for the family and it is important to determine who will be the primary person handling the family finances.  Both the husband and wife need to know what is going on with the finances in their family.  Major financial decisions should be made jointly.

They wish they knew what it takes to make a marriage successful.  There is no real answer for this question.  What works for one couple may not work for another couple.  All couples must find what works for them.  It is really a matter of trial and error.  If one thing does not work, then you need to try something else until you are satisfied with the results.

Even knowing all the answers to the above will not guarantee a successful and happy marriage.  Being familiar with these questions may give you an edge that others do not have.  If you are considering marriage be sure you feel one hundred percent sure that it is the right choice.  Never ignore any doubts that you may have about entering into this particular marriage.  Never let anyone talk you into getting married before you feel ready.