Three Things You Can Do Every Day to Reduce Cancer Risks

Cancer is a threat which does not discriminate.  This deadly disease can affect young and old, rich and poor alike and it can strike at any time.

Although there are many good treatments available to those suffering from cancer, some of these treatments can cause horrendous side effects.

There are a few things you can do to help prevent the risk of developing cancer.  Try doing these three things daily to help boost your chances of not developing this terrible disease:

  1. Exercise every day with no exceptions.  Exercise can rid the body of toxins.  It boosts the serotonin level which is the feel good endorphin.  Exercise can also help keep your heart and lungs healthy.  Any type of exercise, even walking, is beneficial for a number of body functions.  Exercise also makes you feel happier so be sure to engage in some form of exerciseevery day.
  2. Make sure the environment in which you live is healthy. Refuse to live in a residence filled with asbestos,mold or cigarette smoke.  Many people can develop lung cancer just be being around second hand smoke from another family member.  Asbestos causes lung problems too.  Get rid of the old insulation from your attic and replace it with newer insulation which is better for your health.  Mold can cause all kinds of breathing problems, asthma, headaches and even cancer.  Do not attempt to remove the black mold from your air ducts and bathroom panels yourself.  Let a professional do the task of removing this black mold.  Live in an environment without chemicals and with the healthy benefits of clean air.
  3. Stay positive. People who are positive are happier.  When you are happy your body responds with stress relieving endorphins.  It has been proven that positive people have lower blood pressure, experience less tension and are less likely to develop cancer.  In a world filled with negativity it is sometimes hard to stay positive.  Tell yourself a joke every morning.  Laugh with your spouse.  Count your blessings.  Post positive quotes on your desk at work.  Last, but certainly not least, try to stay in the presence of other positive people.  Try to avoid being in the presence of people who always see the glass as only half full.  These people can be poison.  They talk about doom and gloom every day and can be toxic to your health.  Avoid these negative people whenever possible.

You may be able to prevent cancer by practicing these few simple tips.  Get started on your road to great health by incorporating these simple steps into your lifestyle each and every day.What-Happens-To-Your-Body-When-You-Stop-Exercise