Tips For Cleaning The Car

Many people take great pride in their cars and spend lots of time and effort making sure the car is looking its best.  It is just as important to detail the interior of your car as it is to maintain the exterior of your car.

Here are a few suggestions on cleaning the interior of your automobile.

Before you start to vacuum your car remove things like the mats, auto kits, etc.  You want to get anything that might be inhaled by the vacuum out of the way.  Small vacuums that run on rechargeable batteries will not be enough and neither will the vacuums that plug into the lighter plug of your car.  You need a strong vacuum like your home’s vacuum cleaner.

If you are detailing your car’s interior and if you are up to it, you can remove the car seats to thoroughly clean under them.  Some cars do not allow seats to be removed.  If you can remove the seats you will be able to get the dirt out of the tiny spaces on the seats and within the car.

You have already removed the mats and other items so now vacuum everything in sight.  This includes surfaces that will soon be cleaned with liquid cleaner.  For places inside your car that could be marred with any impact coming from solid edge attachments use a brush instead.

Your floor mats are already out of the car’s interior.  Hose them down to get out most of the dirt.  If this does not get the job done it may be necessary to apply a carpet cleaner and then brush it off.  To clean the vinyl simply use a vinyl cleaner like Simple Green which is available at most automobile stores and big box stores.  Dilute some of the concentration in water and first tackle any stubborn stains.  Liberally wet a soft cloth with the mixture and apply it to the sections to be cleaned.  After applying the solution use a towel made from microfiber to dry it immediately.  This should not be used on metallic surfaces.

It’s a good idea to use hot or warm water whenever you plan to clean the car’s interior.

To clean the glass on your car, either on the interior or the exterior, make a vertical motion when you are wiping the exterior and a horizontal motion for the interior.  This way, if you have any signs of streaking you will know which side of the glass is streaked.

Here are a couple of tips for exterior car cleaning.

If you are using a spray product for your car apply the product to a cloth rather than to the surface that’s being treated.  This way you prevent smudges and will avoid spraying nearby areas that should not have spray applied.  Make sure the cloth you use is gentle and soft enough so that there will be no evident scratches.

When you see bird droppings on your car clean them off at once.  The contents of these droppings are harmful to your car’s paint.

Keeping your car waxed will help protect the paint and will also help protect the finish from the damage of bird droppings.