Tips For Grilling In The Winter

If you like to grill your food on an outdoor grill there is no reason not to continue grilling after the weather turns cold.  Grilling outdoors in the winter weather may not be too comfortable, but if you are brave enough to withstand the elements you can still enjoy your favorite grilled foods.

When you are grilling outdoors during the winter weather you need to take a few extra precautions to ensure your safety.

You want to have the best quality grill you can afford.  Food cooked over coals have a special taste, but for winter grilling a gas grill in a better choice.  You want a gas grill with a cast iron grate and the highest BTU (British Thermal Unit) rating you can afford.  You will be losing a lot of heat every time you open the lid on the grill so you want a grill that will heat up fast and retain the heat.

You will need to be patient when grilling in the winter since the time for cooking your food will be longer than in warmer weather.  You will have better temperature control if you position your grill at a 90- degree angle to the wind.

Your grill will be harder to start in cold weather.  Don’t turn the propane all the way on, but instead give the wheel one turn.  This will make it easier to start.

There are several steps you need to take before starting your grill

Make sure your grill is not near anything that is combustible.

It will be more comfortable if you locate the grill in an area sheltered from the cold winter wind.

Check the gas lines, jets and burners on the grill to be sure there are no blockages.  (This is a good practice whether you are using the grill in winter or warm weather.) For proper gas flow, make sure the gas lines are clear.

Clear the area around your grill of snow so that you can safely get to your grill.  Also, before starting to cook clear any snow and ice from the surface of your grill.  If you simply let the snow melt off it will take longer for your grill to reach the proper cooking temperature.  If you simply let the snow melt off it will refreeze later making the surface slippery.

You will want to dress for the weather when you grill outdoors in winter.  However, you want to avoid wearing anything that can dangle and catch fire.  Avoid wearing scarfs and tie closures that may cause a problem.  If you accidentally lean into the grill any dangling fabric can very quickly and easily catch on fire.

Make sure you properly shut down your grill when you have finished using it.  After the grill has completely cooled clean the grease trap.  Protect your grill from the elements by using a proper cover.

Grilling outdoors in winter is not much different from grilling in warm weather.  In winter you will have some uncomfortable weather elements to overcome.  If you don’t mind the winter discomfort and take the necessary safety precautions, you can enjoy your favorite grilled foods all year long.

If you cannot put up with the discomfort of the winter weather to grill outdoors you might consider grilling your food indoors.  This does not mean bringing an outdoor grill inside the home.  Instead you can try grilling on something like the George Forman grill.  Some stoves come complete with an on-board grill.  The food cooked on the inside grill will not be quite the same as food grilled on the outdoor grill, but it is an option if you prefer not to freeze and want to still enjoy grilled food.