Tips For Healthy Hair 

It is important to strive for healthy hair.  Healthy hair looks very attractive and greatly adds to your appearance.   

Healthy hair mirrors your good health.  Often people do not take into consideration the need for maintaining good health when they think about their hair. 

The food you eat will have a bearing on whether or not your hair is healthy.  You want to consume a daily diet balanced with adequate amounts of carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, proteins and minerals.  However, someone with oily hair should avoid eating oily food items on a daily basis.   Water cleanses toxins from the body and so you should be drinking plenty of water to enable healthy hair growth. 

In addition to following a healthy eating regime, if you want healthy hair you should give up your smoking habit.  You should incorporate regular exercise into your schedule and you should learn some relaxation techniques to help you relieve stress.  For healthy hair it is important to get a good night’s sleep. 

When you are using hair styling products try to avoid using those containing alcohol, particularly if the alcohol is in high concentrations.  These products can dry your hair.  There are many hair care products on the market to help protect the hair from chemicals and restore natural health and beauty to your hair.  Hair creams, gels, oils, shampoo, conditioners and hair softeners are just a few of the products available.  Each hair care product has product descriptions and instructions for use on the package.  Hair care products can be purchased at your salon or beauty shop or they can be purchased in many stores and can be ordered online.   

Use the trial and error method to determine which shampoo and other hair care products are right for you.  Use good quality hair care products.  It is not wise to put the hair styling products on your scalp.  This will block the pores on your head and may harm both your scalp and your hair.   

You can help moisturize and stimulate the scalp with a warm oil scalp massage two or three time a week. 

Brush your dry hair regularly to stimulate the scalp and keep the hair looking healthy and lustrous.  Do not brush your hair when it is wet.  If you have tangles in your wet hair, use a wide-toothed comb to remove the tangles. 

Before using a hair dryer on your wet hair use a clean towel to first dry the hair.  Then use the hair dryer to complete the drying.  The hair dryer should be set on a cool temperature and not on high heat.  High heat will dry your hair.  Keep the hair dryer moving over the head and do not keep it in one place too long.  If possible, allow your hair to air-dry instead of using a hair dryer. 

Be sure the combs and brushes you are using are clean.  You can regularly clean your combs and brushes with soap or with shampoo. 

Healthy hair is an important aspect of an individual’s appearance.  For healthy and lustrous hair, take good care of your health and treat your hair right.