Tips For Operating A Catering Business From Your Home

If you are a good cook and enjoy interacting with people, then you might be considering a home based catering business.  As with any home based business there are laws governing the enterprise.  You will need the proper permits and you will need to pass a health inspection of the premises where you will be preparing the foods.

You should not attempt to launch any business without a plan in mind.  You will need to plan what type of food you will be serving and you need to set goals for yourself.  Where do you hope to be in the future?  Determine your future goal for your business success and then design your plan to reach that goal.  Do not be afraid to make alterations to your business plan as the need arises.

If you enjoy making different types of sandwiches and various types of breakfast foods then  you might consider a business offering brunch/lunch style foods.

There are clients who may be interested in purchasing sophisticated appetizers.  Perhaps you have a knack for making an array of delicious appetizers.

Are you good at baking and creating desserts?  If so, you may want to try a catering business specializing in desserts.

Once you have decided what type foods you plan to offer you need to put together a menu.  Be sure you are comfortable making the foods you will be offering.  You don’t want to be too ambitious and try to offer too many different foods.  Having too many different foods may take away from your ability to prepare only the best food.  After you have determined your menu you can then determine how much kitchen space you will need to prepare this food.

You will want to set up your kitchen with the proper equipment for preparing the food you are offering.  Make sure you have enough space to store the food and the equipment you will be using such as your pots and pans, etc.  You will also need trays and serving dishes for catering as well as plates and silverware, etc.

Be sure you have some friends, neighbors and family test the dishes you are planning to offer at your catering business.  These foods need to taste good and to be presented in a pleasing manner.  Have the folks testing your foods also critique you on the service as well as on the food.  Let them know it is very important for your business success that they are honest in their review of your food and service.

When planning your menu, you want to take into account that everyone does not like every type of food.  For instance, if you plan to offer spicy foods be sure to include some items that will please people who do not like spicy foods.  If you are planning a menu featuring meat be sure to include some non-meat choices that will please either a vegetarian or a vegan.

You want to set your prices so that you will make a profit, but you do not want to set your prices so high that people will not buy your foods.  It is good if you can get an idea of the going rates for catering services in your area offering similar foods so you can keep your prices competitive.

If you do not already have a vehicle suitable for transporting the catered foods to your customers, you will need to purchase or lease one.  Make sure you have the proper containers for your foods so that hot foods will arrive hot and cold foods will arrive cold at your destination.

When you are starting out in the business you can purchase your food supplies from your local grocery store.  As your business grows it may be wise to apply for an account with food suppliers.

You are going to need to market your business.  You will not have any business if the public is not aware of you.  Advertise on social media to bring your business to the attention of the public.

You will have a greater chance of being successful with your home based catering business if you are well prepared before you start.   almond-butter-and-banana-open-sandwich03