Tips For Stock Investing 

Stock tips come from many places.  Tips on investing come from gurus on television or even from strangers you overhear talking on the street.  If you are investing in a stock just because you heard someone mention it was good, you are probably going to lose some money.   

When there is a strong bull market it feels like the market will never go down.  It is possible to come out a winner just by choosing a stock from the list in Investors Business Daily. 

Newspapers and magazines print articles with investing tips.  The trouble with this type of tip is that by the time you read the article the stock has already made its big move.  Smart money is selling and already starting to take their profits 

Some investing tips are a pump and dump.  It does not take a great deal of money to purchase a good many shares of the smaller priced stocks.  Then there will be talk or newsletters will be written about how good the stock is.  This is to pump up the stock by getting people to start buying shares.  At the same time those promoting the stock are selling (dump) their own shares. 

If you want to be successful at investing in the stock market do your homework.  Do not depend on any stock that you here about.  Many new stock investors think they have to jump in and purchase on a tip they hear in order to make a big profit.  They are afraid they are going to miss out on a good deal and don’t want to be left out of the big gain. 

Don’t jump into a stock right away.  There are lots of stocks in which to invest.  Don’t go chasing a stock, let the stock price come to you. 

It is not difficult to learn how to invest in stocks.  However, it does take time and some effort.  There are many books available that will lead you in the right direction.  Study them, study the market and then try trading on paper.  You will not regret taking the time to learn how to invest.  The stock market will be here when you feel the time is right and you are ready to begin investing. 

When you are investing look for investments you can trust.  Research the stock company to find all the information you can whether it is good or bad.  Look for companies that have been trading for a long time in the public market.  Use the information you obtain to decide whether the company is a fit for you. 

Read news stories that may influence the value of a company’s stock.  This can help you purchase before an upcoming event that may cause an upward trend.  It may also indicate something negative about the company that will cause the stock price to decline. 

Read news about new technological progress and fields like health care and biochemistry.  New developments may cause a rise in stock prices. 

Invest for the long term.  Usually long-term investments give more benefits than a lot of short term investments.  Some short-term investments also do very well and can be included in your portfolio.  Long-term investments will add stability and security to your portfolio. 

Many investors use a stock recommendation service or a broker.  If someone you know is using these services and recommends them, you might want to try their services.  Using the services of a reputable stock recommendation service or broker may be a smart way for a new investor to begin.