Tips On Selecting Cat Food

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In order to keep your cat happy and healthy it is important that you provide the proper cat food so your cat will receive the necessary nutrition.

It is not enough to choose a cat food simply because the product claims to be natural. Natural may only indicate the food does not contain artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Or, it has not gone through any chemical processing.

Feeding your cat properly can cut down on the expense and number of visits your cat will need to make to the veterinarian.

You want to choose a cat food that adheres to the requirements for a complete and balanced diet. The label on the cat food can will indicate this compliance with the requirements of the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO).

Cat food needs to contain a protein source as well as vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, enzymes, and water. You want to look for protein as the first ingredient on the list of ingredients on the label. Rather than meat being the protein listed you want to know what the protein source is. That is chicken, turkey, lamb, beef, tuna or salmon. Be sure to check the date on the can to know the food is fresh. If the freshness date is listed in code check with the pet store and ask them to explain the code to you.

You do not want your cat food ingredients to include by-products or any term including the word digest. There should not be any added sugars or any chemicals such as BHT, BHA or Ethoxyquin. Corn meal should not be used as a filler.


Be sure to choose a cat food which is appropriate for the stage of your cat’s life.

It is not cheaper to purchase the cheapest cat food you can find. These are usually loaded with fillers which your cat does not need. With the cheap cat food your cat may eat more food in order to feel full while the cat is still not getting the nutrients he needs.

Your cat may eat a combination of wet food, kibble and semi–moist food. In the long term it is more advantageous to your cat to give him the premium cat food which contains the nutrients he needs.
Like humans, cats may become bored eating the same food day after day. Try giving him a variety of cat food and this will help ensure he is receiving various needed nutrients.

Be sure any kibble you purchase is in a package that is intact and not dirty or damaged in any way. Store kibble in a sealed container to preserve its freshness and taste. Packages of semi-moist food should be undamaged and so should the cans of cat food.

Kibble and semi-moist food may be left out for the cat to nibble as he wishes. Canned (wet) cat food should be fed at regular intervals. Opened cans of cat food should not be allowed to stay out and should be covered and refrigerated.

Cats do not really need treats or snacks. You may give them once in awhile, but too many snacks may prevent the cat from eating the food he really needs.