Tips To Help Prevent A Hangover 

If you plan to indulge in a night of drinking you might want to take a few steps to try and prevent a hangover the next morning. Of course, the best way to prevent a hangover is to not drink too much.  That said, if you want to try and feel human in the morning after you have been drinking, you should take a B-complex vitamin. 

A B-complex vitamin is a combination of eight different vitamins which include biotin, folic acid, thiamine, niacin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, pyridoxine and cyanocobalamin.  These vitamins can all be found in food, but if you are in danger of drinking to excess you need a little more to prevent a hangover and give yourself an energy boost. 

To make taking the B-complex vitamin as effective as possible at preventing your hangover you should: 

Stay hydrated.  Alcohol will cause you to dehydrate and can increase your risk of getting a miserable hangover.  Additionally, when you drink more water you will be drinking less alcohol and it is possible you won’t drink too much alcohol. 

On the morning before you plan to drink take a B-complex vitamin when you wake up with a full glass of water.  Then eat a good breakfast. 

Drink water all throughout the day and then take another B-complex vitamin, with a full glass of water, after you eat some lunch. 

When you go out keep a B-complex vitamin in your pocket and take it when you are ready to have your last drink.  Take your pill with a full glass of water, not with your alcoholic beverage.   B-complex vitamins will help restore your energy while you sleep.  Eat something either before you go out or while you are out.  Food in your stomach will help slow down the absorption of alcohol by 80%. 

The next morning when you awake take another B-complex vitamin with as much water as you can handle.  You will probably already feel fine, but this last vitamin can’t hurt. 

The various B-complex vitamins work in your body.  Thiamin works to calm your nervous system and helps metabolize any alcohol left in your system.  The riboflavin works to lessen the morning after red eyes.  Niacin helps break down the food you ate late in the evening, pyridoxine works to lessen any cramping caused by dehydration and cyanocobalamin works to fortify your red blood cells. 

Be sure you drink lots of water.  This is most important.  The B-complex vitamin will work best when you are hydrated.  As a matter of fact, the B-complex vitamin needs water to work effectively. 

The B-complex vitamins are water soluble vitamins.  These types of vitamins are not stored in the body and the excess amounts are excreted from the body. 

Another way to try and avoid or lessen a hangover is with a supplement called Dr. Harris’ Original Hangover Defense.   This supplement is a blend of lots of vitamins and minerals to help keep your body in balance.  This product facilitates the passage of water and nutrients into your cells while facilitating toxins and waste products to leave your cells. 

Hangover Defense has been deemed to be safe to take before and after drinking. 

You take two pills before your start drinking and two pills at home before you go to bed after you have stopped drinking.  If you are easily susceptible to hangovers take three pills each time instead of two. 

If you plan to party for a long time, four or more hours, take two or three pills with you to take during the party. 

Just because you are taking something to help prevent a hangover does not mean you can drink everything in sight. Moderation is the key.  You should also remember that whatever you take to try and prevent a hangover is not going to eliminate the intoxicating effects of alcohol.  These products will not help you to pass a sobriety test.  For safety sake, be sure you never drink and drive.