Tips To Help Stay At Home Moms Manage Time

A stay at home mom is the person who keeps the family unit running as smoothly as possible.  With so many different things demanding her attention it is imperative that the stay at home mom develops a plan for managing time.  There is no hard and fast rule for how time management should work in the household.  Each mom will need to determine what works best for her needs.

The concept behind time management is simple.  You want to plan and organize your schedule to make your time as productive as possible and to clear as much time as possible.If you constantly feel rushed and you do not seem able to complete any of your tasks, then it might be a good idea to consider some time management techniques.  You need to be able to handle the distractions that always occur in a household with children.

Some stay at home moms have determined that it is helpful to get up before the rest of the family.  Mom may decide to get up an hour earlier and devote time to exercise.  This will make her feel more clearheaded and more energized and better able to tackle the day.  If exercising is not your thing, you may want to get up about 30 minutes before the family and enjoy a quiet cup of coffee or tea.  You can relax and read the paper or turn on the television or check over your to do list or simply relax and do nothing.

Are your children constantly demanding attention?  Do they come at you with a variety of requests every minute or two.  This happens especially with very young children.  If your children are old enough, teach them to do simple tasks for themselves so they don’t come at you all the time.  Find some projects that will keep the children occupied for a period of time while you do other things. Young children love to help mom do her chores.  It may not be time saving, but your young child may love helping to dust or wash the kitchen floor with you.  If your child is demanding attention for something that can wait teach him that you will be available to help as soon as your current task is finished.  If it is not an emergency or a necessity, the child’s request need not be met the second he makes the demand.

It will help you to determine what tasks need to be done if you keep a notepad and pen with you whenever possible.  This way you can jot down what needs to be done.  You may want to make your list in priority order with the most important task coming first.  You probably will not complete all your projected tasks on the first day so simply carry the balance of the stuff to be done over to the next day.

Keep a current calendar for family events.  The stay at home mom will probably be the person who transports the children to their games, appointments and school.  Usually it is up to mom to remind all the family members of upcoming appointments.

In the hectic world today it is important that time is managed so that everything can be handled.  Moms are responsible for keeping the family unit running smoothly and for keeping everything together.  Putting some time management skills to use will help the stay at home mom keep on top of everything.