Tips To Help You Look Younger 

Some people hate the thought of getting older.  They dread the thought of becoming old and looking old.  Just thinking about aging makes them feel terrible.  They worry about their looks deteriorating and their beautiful youthful appearance disappearing.  Without resorting to expensive, invasive surgery there are some steps you can take to help retain your youthful appearance. 

You want to treat your body well by following a healthy diet, engaging in regular exercise and drinking plenty of water to hydrate your body and your skin. 

If you hate your grey or white hair you can color it.  It isn’t necessary to go to an expensive hair salon to color your hair.  There are lots of lovely hair colors available at your local big box store, drugstore or grocery store.  When choosing a hair color do not choose a color that is too dark.  When you color your hair too dark it will actually make you look older.  Consider choosing a soft color that will blend with your complexion.  Highlighters are also very effective and enhance your natural hair color and give you a more youthful appearance.  

Your hairstyle makes a big difference to your appearance. There are lots of various hairstyles from which to choose.  You might want to try wearing some bangs.  These can sweep lightly over your forehead or they can just be straight bangs. 

If you want to soften your jaw line try a layered hair style cut to the neck area.  This will draw the attention away from your jaw line.  If you add some volume to the top of the head with shorter layers it will take more focus from your jaw line and from any sagging areas.  If you want to hide crow’s feet style your hair around your eyes.  Adding some layers to long hair will refresh your appearance and act as a natural facelift. 

Keep your skin hydrated by using a good moisturizer daily.  Be sure your moisturizer contains sun block to avoid the harmful UV rays of the sun. 

Makeup works wonders for changing and enhancing your appearance.  Reshaping your eyebrows can make you look younger.  As you age you often encounter thinning eyebrows.  To fill in any sparse areas of your eyebrows use a cosmetic pencil.  You can also use a brow powder to blend the pencil to look more natural. 

If you want to hide dark patches and age spots then you want to use a concealer.  To help hide dark circles under your eyes try a creamy color concealer with peach or yellow undertone.  Do not use concealers which are too light for your natural skin tone. 

After applying the concealer, you can apply some foundation and then some powder to seal it.  Do not use a foundation with a color that is too dark since it will make you look older.  Use a foundation which has a moisture rich mix and do not apply too much foundation.  Too much foundation will bring out any lines and make you look older.   Don’t use too much powder since it will highlight any lines and flaws in your skin.  When using blush, it is much better to use a cream blush than a powder blush as the powder blush can highlight the lines in your face. 

Experiment with hair styles, hair color and makeup.  You will find a look that improves your appearance and makes you look younger and more attractive.  Then you may feel better about becoming an older person.