Tips To Help You Stay Positive When You Try To Lose Weight

When you are trying to lose weight it is often hard to stay positive.  When you have a setback you may start feeling hopeless and want to give up.To stay motivated during your weight loss journey, you need to think positively and keep your goals in mind.

These tips may help you to stay focused on your goal when you are feeling less than positive about your weight loss progress:

Make a list of the reasons why you want to lose weight.  Perhaps you just want to look better and fit into some smaller clothing hanging in the back of your closet or you are looking forward to shopping for smaller clothing.  Perhaps you want to be better able to do active things like dancing or hiking or playing with your children.  Perhaps you want and need to lose weight to improve your health.  Whatever your reason, write it down and refer to your list whenever your motivation slips.

Forget the word diet.  Being on a diet makes you think of deprivation and this will make you feel sorry for yourself.  Instead, think of it as a new healthy way of eating.   You will still be able to eat delicious foods, but your portions will be smaller and the food will be better for you.  When you start feeling better and having more energy you will be happy with your new eating program.

You may find it helpful to find a role model.  This might be someone famous who struggles with weight and is succeeding.  You do not want to make your role model someone who is extremely thin.  You may know someone who has struggled with weight and has reached her goal weight.  You might get some tips and encouragement from her.

What are the things you like about your body?  As you attempt to lose weight focus on the things you like about yourself.  Do you have great hair, a great smile, a great voice or a wonderful personality?  Are you kind to others?  Do you help those less fortunate?  Don’t sell yourself short.  You may be too heavy, but you have many good attributes.  It will help get rid of some stress associated with losing weight if you keep the good things about yourself in mind instead of focusing on the fact that you need to lose weight.

Remove the word fat from your vocabulary when describing yourself Do not allow yourself to think of yourself as fat.  Instead use a different adjective such as heavy or overweight or plus size.  Not calling yourself fat will help you to see yourself in a more positive light.

When you are trying to lose weight it can be hard to have a positive body image.  If you keep your positive physical and mental traits in mind it will help you to be more comfortable in your own body.

Think positively about obtaining better health instead of dwelling on the effort to become thin.  This will help you to stay motivated during your weight loss journey.  Imagine how wonderful and successful you will feel once you reach your goal.