Tips To Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

Many people suffer from hypertension also known as high blood pressure. In fact, the American Heart Association states that nearly one out of three people have blood pressure problems. For some patients medication may be the only way to lower the blood pressure.  However, for others there are some natural remedies which can help bring down your blood pressure numbers.

First of all watch what you eat.  Sodium (salt) is not your friend.  You can reduce your sodium intake by eliminating sodas and replacing it with water.  Reduce or eliminate processed foods.  Skip the fast food drive-in.   Other foods which are harmful if you suffer with hypertension include fried foods like fried chicken, fried pork chops, or fried fish and greasy hamburgers or cheeseburgers.  Instead of frying bake or broil or grill these foods.  Limit your intake of red meat.  Instead of using salt to season your food use a salt substitute or herbs to enhance the food’s flavor.

Include more fruit in your daily food plan.  It does not matter what kind of fruit, eat whatever you like whether it be an apple, orange, cantaloupe, grapes, etc.  Instead of reaching for a candy bar reach for a piece of fruit.  Fruit is much better for you.

Exercise is important.  You don’t need to work out hard or spend hours at the gym.  Instead try a 20 to 30-minute brisk walk every day.  Exercising will speed up your heart rate which makes the blood flow faster through your veins.

A major cause of high blood pressure is stress and many people do not realize this.  Find a way to release the stress and your blood pressure will come down.  Exercise will help to relieve stress.

There are some natural ingredients and herbs that may help lower your blood pressure.

Vitamin C has been found by researchers to greatly reduce the risk of getting hypertension if a person takes its recommended dosage.

Garlic may be a smelly herb, but it breaks up the toxins that can lead to high blood pressure.  Garlic can reduce the chances of clotting in the blood vessels and it keeps blood platelets from sticking to the blood vessel walls.

Dandelion root or dandelion leaves can be used to make tea which acts as a mild diuretic.  People with high blood pressure often have a problem with fluid retention and a mild diuretic may help relieve some of the excess fluid.

Before you take any supplements or herbs be sure to consult with your medical care professional.  You need to be sure these will not conflict with any blood pressure medication you may be taking.  Herbs alone may not be enough to treat your hypertension and you may require blood pressure medication.

If you combine the suggestion outlined above into your daily life you will have a much better chance of controlling your high blood pressure.  It may be tough to follow these steps and only you can decide if you want to tackle your high blood pressure with natural remedies.  Don’t try to begin everything at one time.  Take one remedy and do it until you feel comfortable and then add the next remedy.  Your body will thank you for taking some natural steps to combat the hypertension.