Tips To Make Move In Day At College Easier

When the time comes for your son or daughter to head off to college there are many things to be considered.  You and the student will need to make plans ahead of time so that when move in day arrives you are ready. eu-launch-move-in

The college may have sent supply lists and you may have generated checklists of your own  to be sure everything necessary is included in the packing.  Go over your lists and weed out anything that is not necessary to include at the start of dorm life.  (Some colleges will offer shuttle service to the big box stores during move-in week in case the student has overlooked something needed.)

Approximately a week before it is time to move to the college set aside a place for packing the stuff the student will be taking to school.  Set aside similar items for packing.

The large plastic containers with tight fitting lids are ideal for packing cloths, personal items, books and room decorations.  Be sure you do not load these boxes so they are too heavy.  You may have to carry them up staircases when you get to school.

If the student is planning to transport some clothing on hangers a wise idea is to put a clothing rod in the back of your car.  When you get to school it will take several trips to carry the clothing inside, but they will already be ready to hang in the closet.

Residence halls do not have enough parking spaces for all their students and certainly not enough spaces to accommodate the parents who are helping the student on move in day.  The college may have sent you instructions and/or a pass that includes your drop-off time.  Be sure you arrive on time since the amount of time you can park in the lots closest to the dorm will be limited.

If you are able to arrive in the afternoon when the crowds have gone it will be easier.  Most students are anxious to get settled in their dorm room as soon as possible to they will want to arrive early.

Be prepared to spend a few hours getting the room settled.  It is a big help if you purchase or borrow a sturdy hand-truck to help move the boxes in.  You want to bring some dust rags and sanitizing wipes in case the bathroom or dorm room needs to be wiped down.

Before you move in the books, cloths, etc. you want to set up the room.  Now is the time to put down the carpet if you are planning to cover the floor.  It is also the time to decide where the beds, desks, dresser, chairs and shelving units are to be placed.  It’s a good idea to check the electrical outlets and the water faucets to be sure everything is in good working order.  Once the room is set up then bring in the other items.

Hang up the curtains and put up the bulletin boards and other decorations the student wants.

Once this is accomplished your student may say they do not need anything else and it is okay for you to leave.  They may even discount your offer of a trip to the store to buy snacks.  Don’t worry.  This is the normal way for the student to behave.  They will be able to get whatever snack food they want from internet shopping.  Also the cafeteria has excellent food these days.

Assure you child you will send them anything they may have forgotten to bring with them.  Ask the student to either call or text you at least once a day until classes begin just to keep in touch because you are interested in what is going on, not because you are worried.  After classes begin don’t expect to hear from your child daily, but instead expect to hear from him on a fairly frequent basis.

By the time you get back home, or if you are a good distance from home to your hotel room, you will be exhausted both physically and emotionally.  Be happy that your child has reached this stage in his or her independence.  Take comfort in the fact that you did your best to help the young person reach this goal.