Tips To Make Moving With Cats Easier


Cats will find moving a stressful experience. They are creatures of habit and are comfortable in familiar surroundings following their familiar routines. Moving will be a completely new and unwelcome experience for the cat.

There are several things you can do to try and make a move a little less stressful.

You want your cat to be familiar and comfortable being confined to a carrier. Several days before the move get the carrier out and put it near the cat’s bed leaving the door open. Put a few treats and maybe a toy to entice the cat to go into the carrier.

If you are moving a distance far enough that the cat will be in the carrier for a long period of time be sure the carrier is large enough for him to comfortably stretch out. You also want to be sure to securely strap the carrier into the car in case you need to stop suddenly.

If you have more than one cat you will need a separate carrier for each cat.

For a long car trip your cat will need to be able to get out and stretch his legs. Now is a good time to train him to use a lease.

If you need to stay overnight while traveling with your cat check out accommodations which are pet friendly. Do not leave your pet locked in your car.


If you are traveling by airline check with them to ascertain their guidelines and restrictions for pet travel.

If you are moving a good distance away from your present residence be sure your cat has been checked out by his current vet and all shots are up to date. If your cat is very nervous you might want to discuss sedating the cat for traveling with your vet.

On moving day try to keep your cat away from the noise and confusion as much as possible. Place him in a room away from the action. Have the cat’s food, water, bed, litter box and some toys in the room. Close the door and stick a sign on the door asking the movers to not enter because of a cat.

When you arrive at your new home again confine the cat with his food, toys, bed and litter to one room until the house is settled and calm. Then allow the cat to explore the new home. Put something with his scent in various rooms so he knows it is okay to explore there.

Be sure you check that there are no spaces where the cat might get caught and no way for the cat to escape outside the house. Be sure all windows have screens if you open them. If the previous home owners had pets be sure there are no flea or other pests which can harm your pet.

In you new home continue to feed your cat his normal food. Follow his old routine. You might want to bring some water from the old house, if possible, to keep everything as familiar as you can till the cat becomes used to the new surroundings.

Buying him some new toy or scratching post may make the cat feel special.

If you are patient the cat should start to come out and explore his new surroundings and feel comfortable, secure and at home in a short time.