Traveling With Children


Traveling with children can be either a wonderful or a horrible experience.  Children need to be taught to be pleasant well behaved travelers.

If there is nothing to occupy a child it is only natural that he or she will become restless and boisterous and this can lead to a miserable experience for everyone.

If you are traveling with children on a plane you don’t want to be the family everyone dreads.  We have all been annoyed by children who are too loud and whiney and want to kick the seat in front of them.  It’s the responsibility of the adult to parent the child and promote acceptable behavior.  Take some age appropriate magazines for the children to enjoy.  This can keep them occupied for some time especially if they do not have a subscription to the magazine so it is something new and interesting.  Carry chewing gum for the child since some experts feel the ear pressure from flying may contribute to a child’s poor behavior.  You should also carry a few appropriate snacks for the child to alleviate the hunger complaint

Some families like to take a family vacation on a cruise ship.  These ships do provide activities for children, but you cannot depend on these activities to occupy your children all of the time. Children can be disruptive to other passengers if they become bored.  Plan ahead and try to bring some new toys or games with you to keep the children happy and occupied.  Hand held video games work very well to keep a child interested.  Your fellow passengers will appreciate a well behaved child traveler.


Most traveling with children will be done in the family car.  Children do not automatically develop good behavior when riding in a car.  The parent needs to train them in the proper way to behave in a car.  Disruptive behavior can be annoying and distracting and can be dangerous so it is imperative to promote good behavior.  Try keeping some special  toys in the car that the children can only use there.  Hopefully, this will make the children look forward to using these special toys and they will be occupied for short trips.

If you are driving longer distances such as on a vacation you will need more distractions for the children.  You can take coloring books, dolls or action figures and. if possible, a portable DVD player or other electronic device so the child can be occupied with a movie or games.  If you have more than one child you probably will need more than one device and headphones may be a good idea for each child.  Appropriate snacks may be in order too.

If will take some effort to teach your child to be a pleasant traveler who is respectful of others, but it will be well worth the time and effort needed.  You can enjoy traveling with your well behaved mini traveler and  your fellow passengers will appreciate have a pleasant traveling experience which includes a child.