Treadmill Buying Guide: Choose the Right Treadmill for You

bnfhrhgA treadmill at home can be an important part of your fitness routine.  Walking daily will improve health and may contribute to weight loss.

Since purchasing a treadmill is a major expense it is important to do your research  before you decide what to buy.  It is also important to be committed to using the machine.  In addition to the expense, treadmills are large and take up a good deal of space in your home.  Some models do have the advantage of folding so they can stored against the wall.

If you just plan to use your treadmill for walking and not for running or jogging you probably can get away with a little smaller deck and a less expensive machine.  Prices for the best treadmills can run several thousand dollars.

When deciding on a machine you need to consider several things.  The belt runs from the front to the back of the unit and provides for a smooth workout so you want to look for a large enough belt of high quality.

For the most comfort the walking area of the deck should ¾” thick at a minimum.    You want to look for a treadmill with a minimum deck of 48” long by 17” wide  if you are walking.  If you plan to run or jog you may want a larger surface.  The treadmill motor needs to be large enough to move the treadmill easily.  You’ll want to consider the rating for the treadmill’s motor and if a heavier is person using the machine  a better qualify machine is probably in order.xvsafw

Most treadmills let you set the speed.  Some allow you to incline the machine while others have features like pulse and heart monitors.  Some machines have a workout program,  calculate distance walked and calories burned.  You will want any controls convenient for you to use.  You will need to decide what features are important to you.

Before deciding on your treadmill do your research.  Check out various models on the internet and read several reviews on  models that interest you.  Go to a store and check out the models there.  Most sporting goods stores have fairly knowledgeable salespeople and you can probably try out a floor sample.  Talk with your family or friends who own a treadmill and get their input.  When you purchase your treadmill you may want to consider the warranty too.  It should be for at least two years and the treadmill  company should have a good reputation.

Although the initial cost of your treadmill is expensive the machine should serve you well for years of daily use.  Consider if you pay $1,500 and use the machine for 5 years you have paid $300 for each year of use.  If 2 people are using the machine it will only be $150 per year for each person.  You may want to contrast the cost of owning a treadmill against the cost of a gym and transportation to the gym.

A treadmill is a nice addition to your home gym equipment provided you plan to use it on a regular basis.