Use These Handy Apps When Going To The Beach

SkywheelLookingSouthIf you are headed to the beach there are some handy apps you might want to download. These apps will give you good information and can make your beach trip more fun.

If you want to know which beaches are closest to you check out the Waterkeeper Swim Guide. This app will not only tell you which beaches are close to you it will also cover nearby lakes as well.

With the Waterkeeper Swim Guide you can learn when the beach is closed, information on rest rooms and parking, when there is coverage by a lifeguard. It will also let you know the pollution level at a particular beach. You can view several thousand photos of beaches and lakes.

You want to know the weather before you plan a day on the beach. IWeather will give hourly and long range forecasts.

ITanSmart will help keep you from becoming a victim of a sunburn. This app will determine how much time in the sun is safe for you. The app measures the UV index, time of day, skin type, environment (beach, park, city, etc,), type of skin protection. There is a   built in timer that starts when you start out in the sun. When it is time for you to get out of the sun and go inside or seek shade the timer will alert you.

maxresdefaunnltBeach Safety app explains currents and rips, how to spot them and why they are dangerous. It tells you how to get out of a situation if you are caught in a rip or current. The app provides information on how to treat a jellyfish sting if you are unfortunate enough to encounter a jellyfish.

If you are going to the beach to surf you might want to download Surf Report. This app gives you information on the weather, tides, surf conditions, air and water temperature, etc. The app includes a weather forecast and you can see the weather in real time by connecting to their live streaming HD cameras.   You can use the apps best condition chart to see which time is best to hit the surf. You can checkout surfing videos too.

These are just a few if the available apps you might find helpful when headed to the beach. You can check out many more apps to see which ones you really want to use.