Want A New Set Of Wheels? Here’s The Best Time For Buying A New Car

When you are in the market to buy a new car there are some times when you might get a better deal then other times.

The end of the year from about Christmas until New Years is likely the best time for buying a car.  Some dealerships extend the time for the end of year deals into the first few days in January.  The end of year sales help the dealership beef up their sales figure for the year.

However, your selection may be limited.  If you need to purchase a particular model car it may not be available.  Be flexible to get the best deal. 

The second best time to get a deal on a car is around Labor Day.  This is the time of year when manufactures offer rebates and usually there are deals for the car loans.  The new car models have come out and if you are willing to buy last year’s model you can usually get a good deal.

If you need a car now and are not able to wait until either Labor Day or the end of the year then take some other times into consideration.

Salesmen all have sales goals they need to meet in order to keep their job.  If you shop for your new car late in the month – even later in the day on the last day of the month – you may find a salesman who really needs to make a sale and will give you a good deal.

Do not expect to get the best deal if you appear to be the eager beaver who arrives at the dealership first thing Monday morning or early on the first day of a new month.  Instead wait until later in the day or later in the  month.

You will usually be able to negotiate a good deal if you are lucky enough to catch the car salesman at a slow time.  This could be later in the day or on a rainy or snowy day.  You are going to be able to get the best deal from a salesman who is anxious to make the sale in order to meet his quota.

You will save money if you are open to buying last year’s model car when the new cars arrive on the showroom floor.  The dealership needs the room for the new car models.

Springtime is not a good time to buy a car if you are looking for a good deal.  During the Spring people are flush with cash from tax refunds and they are thinking about traveling for vacation and getting a new car for the trips.  With more people wanting to buy, dealers don’t have to make terrific deals in order to sell a car.

If you are looking to make a good deal when you buy a new car you need to do some research before going to the dealership.  Know the fair price in your area for the car you want.  Then pick the right time.  Go to the dealership and negotiate a good deal for that car.