Ways To Improve Your Balance And Stability

3b7fda87c02cd7364c651166c2e57a7cThe core of your body is what stabilizes the body. To obtain stability you need to strengthen your muscles in the lower back, abdomen, hip, shoulder and gluts.

To build stability you need to do some weight or resistance training. You can begin with some simple exercises and then you may want to move on to add the use of some equipment like exercise bands or weights.

You may want to try doing the body weight squat. Stand with shoulders back and your spine and head straight. Have your feet a little wider apart then your shoulders and slightly angled out. Then with your upper body leaning slightly forward bend your hips and knees slightly. Inhale and slowly push your hips back and lower your body until you cannot maintain proper posture any longer. Stop. Exhale and slowly stand up.

Sit to stand exercise helps promote stability and balance. Sit in a chair with your feet flat on the floor. Cross your arms in front of your chest. Get up and down out of the chair as quickly as you can without using your arms.


You need to train your brain to react and control balance better. Try standing on one foot which isn’t very hard. Then try standing on the one foot and close your eyes. Closing the eyes makes it harder to balance. Make sure you have a chair or bar to grab hold of when you practice brain training to help build stability.

Other training you can try to increase stability include standing on one leg while you hold your arms out for balance. Count to 10. If you can hold this position easily then count to 20 or 30. Make sure you inhale and exhale while doing this balancing exercise.

You can improve stability by standing with both feet on an unsteady surface like a couch cushion. Again, be sure you have something within easy reach to grab onto.

Once you have mastered standing on one foot with stability you may want to try walking heel to toe in a straight line. Look at your feet when you are doing this exercise. After you can do this with stability stop looking at your feet and instead practice looking straight ahead. Eventually try walking heel to toe in a straight line with your eyes closed

If you are unable to participate in the exercises that require standing simply sit in a chair and lift up your feet while holding your arms out at your side. Try contracting your muscles to stabilize yourself in this position for a brief period. Repeat this activity several times.

When you improve your balance you increase your stability and become more coordinated and reduce the risk of injury from falls.