Ways To Save On Motorcycle Insurance


If you have a motorcycle and plan to ride it you need to be covered by motorcycle insurance.

Buying motorcycle insurance is not cheap, but there are some ways to save money when you purchase insurance for your motorcycle.

The larger and more exotic or sporty your motorcycle the more costly your insurance will be. Purchasing a motorcycle with a smaller engine and purchasing a used motorcycle can save some money on insurance premiums.

Carry a higher deductible on your insurance coverage. You will need to pay more upfront if you have a claim but you will save premium dollars for the coverage. Instead of putting a $500 deductible on your coverage consider putting a $1,000 deductible instead.

You will receive a lower insurance rate if you have a good driving record. Check your driving record to be sure it does not contain any incorrect information which may cause you to pay a higher premium.

Having and maintaining a good credit history will also help lower your insurance rate. Again, check your credit report to be sure it does not contain negative errors.

Some insurance companies will give a discount to motorcycle drivers who have passed an approved motorcycle safety course within three years. Discounts may also be given based on the experience and length of time the operator has been using a motorcycle without experiencing an accident.

If there is someone in your household who has a poor driving record exclude this individual from your insurance and do not permit him to drive your motorcycle.


Combine your motorcycle insurance with other insurance policies such as car insurance and either homeowners or renters insurance carried with the same insurance company.

Carry the amount of insurance coverage you will need but don’t carry excessive coverage.

If you always ride alone you can eliminate the coverage needed when you carry a passenger.

Insurance is meant to cover the more expensive costs of repairs. If you have a very minor repair as the result of a scrape or something else minor it may be better if you pay the cost of repair without submitting a claim. Lots of small claims may cause your insurance company to charge a higher rate.

Talk with your insurance agent to determine what coverage is best for you and what his best rate will be. It is a good time to ask what, if any, discounts might be available for you.

It may be advantageous to you to check around and see where you can purchase the best insurance coverage for your motorcycle at the best possible rate.