Wedding Crafts 

A wedding is a happy, joyous, wonderful occasion.   Planning a wedding can become very expensive, very quickly.  One way to keep the price for the wedding reasonable and at the same time add personal touches to the occasion is with wedding crafts.  Wedding crafts can add sparkle and creativity to your special day. 

Creating the wedding veil is not hard.  To make this wedding craft you need a length of bridal illusion in the desired length.  To attach the veil to your hair you will need a comb to attach to your hair and a hat or hairpiece to cover the comb.  First you want to sew long running stitches about one inch from the end of the illusion.  Then gather the illusion tightly. Sew the gathered veil to the comb and top with either a hat or headpiece.  As an alternative you might want to wear a wide-brimmed hat embellished with silk flowers, ribbon and pearls.  You might prefer to wear a simple circle of flowers on top the head with or without a veil attached.   It’s your wedding so what you want to wear on your head is your decision.  There is no right or wrong headdress. 

You, or perhaps a talented friend or family member, can personally create your bouquets and floral arrangements.  For a simple outdoor wedding you might consider using wild flowers which are free and have a charm all their own.  

Wedding favors for the guests are very appropriate wedding crafts.  Your guests will appreciate something you have taken the time to make for them.  Refrigerator magnets are simple, and they are received well by guests.  A nice idea is to use a magnetic picture frame and insert a picture of the happy couple.  Or, you could cut a frame out of craft foam in one of the wedding colors.  Place this craft foam frame over the photo and glue everything onto a cardboard backing. Next place self-adhesive magnet tape on the back of the cardboard.  You might want to decorate the front of the frame with foil heart stickers and the initial of the couple’s last name. 

Another simple wedding craft is making the bows for the ends of the pews or rows.  For a fall or winter wedding using wide velvet ribbon is nice.  In the spring and summer using satin ribbon is more appropriate.  You might want to loop some flat lace in with the ribbons.  Attach some silk flowers and pearl sprays with a hot glue gun in the center of the completed bow. 

If you, or someone you know, likes to bake and is good at it, then baking your own wedding cake may be an option.  Craft stores have pans and gadgets of all types to help you create a memorable cake.  Keep in mind that to create a wedding cake takes a steady hand.  Before you try to make the cake for the big day be sure to practice by making sample cakes before starting on the real cake for the wedding. 

By making some wedding crafts you can help keep the cost of your wedding from getting too expensive.  Plan early since it will take time to create your crafts.  You will have enough to take care of as the wedding day nears so anything completed in advance is a plus.  When you have time on your side you can pay attention to all the special little details for your crafts.  It’s possible that creating wedding crafts will even relieve some of those wedding jitters. 

Crafting some of your own wedding items is a way to have a personal, beautiful and less expensive wedding.