What Are Shaving Clubs?


In 2012 a tiny ecommerce company exploded on the scene with the concept of a shave club.  This was not the first time the idea was floated, but this time it took off.  This tiny start up company was the Dollar Shave Club and now there are other companies such as ShaveMob following this same idea for shaving convenience and economy.  Although it is not a shave club Amazon offers a subscribe and save service for shaving products also.

Some of these online shave clubs require you to subscribe to their services while other do not require membership.  Dollar Shave Club allows you to cancel your subscription at any time.


With a shave club you get to choose the blade you want and the club then sends you the handle free of charge and a certain number of blade cartridges each month.  You choose the quantity of cartridges you want to receive each month.  .  If you decide you want to choose a different blade to use then you will receive a new handle for the different blade.  You pay a monthly fee which depends on the plan you choose.  The shaving products are sent directly to your door eliminating the need for a trip to the store.

Some of the shave clubs offer shaving cream and other shaving products in addition to the razor cartridges.

The monthly cost for the shave clubs depends on the plan and products you choose.

Some of the shave clubs have blades which are made in South Korea and China and so they are able to offer shaving equipment at a lower price than some of your name brand blades.  Some users say the shave from this equipment is a good as the shave from pricier supplies.
Shave clubs have been tried before so it remains to be seen if they will remain as popular as they are at this time.  If you want to have the convenience of your shaving supplies arriving at your door each month at a good price perhaps you will want to try a shave club.  Shave club plans are available to accomodate the shaving needs of both men and women.