What Are Some Of The Healthiest Colleges In The US?


There are a number of colleges in the United States where students follow a healthy lifestyle. Here are just a few of the healthy colleges. They are not listed in any particular order.

Stanford University serves seasonal foods, free of artificial ingredients and free of trans fats, in the dining halls. The large lovely campus has lots of outdoor space to enjoy. In addition to many sports being available for students they have a 10 week to a fitter you program. Students work with coaches to become more fit during the 10 week program.

Brown University serves real locally grown food in its dining halls. The variety of foods can accommodate most anyone’s diet including vegans and vegetarians. Brown University has physical fitness activities available for both individuals and groups. The University has received high marks for its health related services.

Bowdoin College offers wholesome, healthy, delicious foods in its dining halls. The college offers a wide range of fitness classes at its Wellness Center. It also has the Peter Buck Center for Health and Fitness with gym equipment available for students to use.. It provides many seminars and lectures related to a healthy lifestyle. Classes may include lectures on reflexology, acupuncture and massage to name just a few.

Virginia Tech has an incentive program based on exercise routines. These exercises are developed by personal trainers. The workouts of the students are tracked and those with the most workouts win fun prizes. Virginia Tech serves healthy foods in its dining halls. They also have a program so students can grab healthy foods to go at a convenience store on campus.


Washington University in St. Louis has a hands on program in its Studio 40 kitchen. Students get chef demonstrations and hands on cooking classes using fresh healthy foods. The University has a Fitness Center available to students morning, during the day or at night, whatever is more convenient. Washington University in St. Louis has some of the best dorms in the country.

Clemson University provides healthy foods including lots of whole grains, fruits, vegetables and lean proteins for the meals. Clemson has wellness information available to students including nutrition programs. The college has outdoor physical activities for students as well as a fitness center which has both individual and group classes.

Some additional healthy colleges which feature wholesome healthy food and an emphasis on healthy lifestyle include Rice University, Cornell University, Wheaton College, Amherst, University of Massachusetts and others.

If you decide to attend one of the healthy colleges you may avoid the weight gain some freshmen experience when they start college. You may even develop some healthy habits you will continue to follow after your college days are behind you.