What Are The Benefits Of Cold Exposure?


If you are a healthy person you may find some benefits from exposure to cold.

When you live in a cold climate you are exposed to the cold for a longer period of time each year. This exposure to the cold may help reduce pain. Cold may increase your resistance to disease. The cold exposure may also increase your expenditure of energy and may help you lose a little weight.

You can gain exposure to cold by regularly swimming in freezing water during the winter.

If you don’t have access to a dip in freeing water you can obtain the benefits of cold exposure by regularly taking a cold shower or bath. Taking a cold shower may help improve your immune system and may increase your metabolic rate.

Taking cold showers may help improve your blood circulation.

If you suffer from depression a cold shower may help your mood improve.

If you have trouble sleeping a cold shower may help. Your body will relax after it gets over the initial shock of the cold.

If you are experiencing aches and pains taking a cold shower or bathing in cold water may help reduce the inflammation.


If you take a cold shower when the water first hits you its natural to quickly hold your breath. After this initial shock you may breathe more deeply.

Exposure to cold may increase testosterone levels. Hot baths and showers can significantly decrease sperm count. Taking cold showers may help increase this count.

Taking a cold shower may help keep your hair shiny and may help you have more smooth skin since it will not dry out your skin and hair like a hot shower.

You may even develop a higher tolerance to stress when your body becomes stronger as a result of its regular exposure to cold.

Although more testing is needed exposure to cold may increase longevity.

You will not realize to benefits of exposure to cold if you only participate in this activity once in a while. To enjoy the benefits of cold exposure you need to engage in this practice on a regular basis.