What Are The Top US Universities?


Listed below are some, certainly not all, of the top universities in the United States. They are not listed in any particular ranking order. Most of the universities offer various graduate programs in addition to the undergraduate studies.

Brown University is located in Providence Rhode Island. The school was founded in 1764 and is a private institution. Brown allows its undergraduate students to create their own course of study. The school is often considered the most liberal among the Ivy League schools.

Princeton University is located in Princeton New Jersey. The university was founded in 1746. The university is located on a 500 acre campus about an hour away from either Philadelphia or New York City. A unique aspect of the academic program at Princeton is all undergraduate students must write a senior thesis.

Harvard University is located in Cambridge Massachusetts. The university was founded in 1636. The facilities at Harvard are state of the art and the faculty includes world renowned scientists and scholars. Harvard’s library is the largest private collection in the world and houses the oldest book and document collection in the United States.

Yale University is located in New Haven Connecticut and was founded in 1701. The universities location gives easy access to Boston or New York City. Yale together with Princeton and Harvard is usually ranked near the top of the university rankings.


Columbia University located in New York City in Manhattan was founded in 1754. Columbia is a research institution. Only a small number of its 26,000 students are undergraduates.

Stanford University is located in Stanford California. It was founded in 1885. Stanford is one of the strongest teaching and research centers in the world. The school is very selective and does not accept very many undergraduates.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is located in Cambridge Massachusetts. It was founded in 1861. MIT is very well known for its technological and scientific research.

Duke University is located in Durham North Carolina. It was founded in 1835. Duke is said to be the most selective university in the South offering a top notch academic education. In addition to the educational programs there are other student activities and sports.

Cornell University is located in Ithaca New York. The university was founded in 1865. It consists of 14 schools which each have their own faculty and admit their own students. Of the Ivy League schools Cornell has the largest number of undergraduate students.

University of Pennsylvania is located in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Benjamin Franklin founded the school in 1740. The University of Pennsylvania is one of the largest of the Ivy League Schools. It may be the strongest school of business in the country.