What It Means To Be Aries


Those born between March 21 and April 20 are under the zodiac sign Aries.

With the Aries what you see is what you get.  They will stay true to their own impulses and instincts.  They are ambitious and have a need to lead and not follow behind someone else.  They are independent with a desire for freedom and may pursue their own desire for freedom and independence over the rights of others.

The Aries has a hard struggle accepting defeat with grace. But fortunately they do not harbor grudges.

They may look for a less traveled road and may seek out challenges to conquer.  The Aries likes to feel stimulated and may find themselves driven by one challenge or another.

Aries are great at large scale organizing and may find themselves running businesses.  They have very strong will power and use their reasoning and quiet logic to overcome any criticism directed toward them.

Aries often are successful in life.  They are very ambitious and often will gain both position and money.  They are impulsive and quick by nature and tend to throw caution to the wind.

Some of their most lasting friendships may be found with those born under the same sign.


Aries health issues may be a result of their overworked brains and so they may develop eye problems or headaches or migraines.  They may also be prone to skin eruptions or pimples on the face.

The Aries may have a hot temper which can erupt into a nasty confrontation.  However, a few minutes after leaving the confrontation the Aries has already put the episode out so his mind.

As a friend the Aries person is great.  They can be very kind and generous.  They appreciate truth and honesty and very much dislike deceit.

The Aries needs to accept that it is natural for them to be driven to lead and should not try and mold themselves to be like everyone else.  Instead they need to strive to self develop their own special characteristics.  They will also need to determine whether or not their impulse to anger is really a matter significant enough to warrant fighting over or not.

Sometimes the Aries will have trouble recognizing their limits when engaged in a project and may suffer either physical or emotional exhaustion from pushing themselves too hard.

The Aries is creative and has many ideas which they are able to draw others into because of their contagious energy.