What Not To Do To a Baby


Babies are wonderful. Some first time parents worry they will make a mistake when taking care of their precious baby.

If you give your baby love, patience, caring and understanding and make sure the baby is fed, changed and in a safe place you should not have many problems.

Babies are totally dependent on the caregiver. Usually this is one of the parents, but it may be someone else.

There are some things you do not want to do to a baby. Babies should not be isolated and left alone for long periods of time in a different room when they are awake. When he is awake the baby needs to interact with others. Holding a baby gives him comfort and a feeling of love.

You don’t want to let your baby cry and ignore it. Very young babies cry when they are uncomfortable and need assistance, They may be hungry or need a diaper change. Usually a young baby will give indications they are uncomfortable by squirming or grunting before they resort to crying. If you are tuned into your babies movements you may detect a need before the baby cries. As the baby gets a little older the cries will be different for different reasons. You should learn to distinguish between a cry that means I need something and a cry that just means I’m bored and want attention.

Never ever punish a baby for anything. It is never alright to shake or smack or confine and ignore a baby for any reason. If you are upset about something and the baby is getting on your nerves find someone else to care for the baby and you walk away until you are in control of yourself.


Babies should sleep in their own space. Either a bassinet or crib is the safest place for a baby to sleep. You do not want to sleep with a baby in your bed. It is possible to roll over on the baby and harm him.

Never put loose items in the bed with baby that he can get tangled in and suffocate. Never put baby to sleep on a water bed or in a car seat.

Never leave the baby by himself when giving him a bath. Not even for one second. Babies can quickly drown.

Never leave the baby where he can fall. Even young babies may roll off a surface if there are no restraints.

Never leave your baby alone in your car while you run into the house or store for a minute.

Never feed your baby anything except what the doctor has told you to feed him.

Giving the baby the feeling of security and being loved will reflect well on the development of the child throughout his life. The foundation for life begin to form at the earliest stages of life. Caring for a baby is hard work, but is one of the most rewarding experiences in a parent’s life.