What Should You Feed Your Hamster?


Hamsters should have access to water and food at all times since they have high energy and a fast metabolism.

The hamster needs to have a water bottle which can hang on the side of the cage or aquarium. It should be easily accessible to the hamster. The water bottle can be made of glass or plastic and should have a metal sipping tube.

Change the water each day. When doing your weekly cleaning of the hamster’s housing unit thoroughly clean the water bottle using a bottle brush where needed.

You can feed your hamster in the evening when the hamster becomes most active. Or, you can feed the hamster in the morning so it can snack whenever it is awake for short periods of time during the day.

When looking for a food dish for the hamster choose a small ceramic food dish. The ceramic dish is harder for the hamster to overturn than a plastic dish. Ceramic dishes are also hard for a hamster to chew.

Place the food bowl in the cage of aquarium, in a space away from the hamster’s bathroom area. Be careful to replace the food dish and water bottle in the same places each time.

Wash the bowl thoroughly with soapy water when you do your weekly cleaning of the hamster’s housing unit.


Hamsters should be fed a good quality hamster mix. You do not want to feed your hamster a mix containing preservatives or bright colors. Feed your hamster about one tablespoon of pellet or seed daily.

You hamster may be given a small piece of fruit or vegetables each day. Do not feed it onions or citrus fruits which can cause stomach upset. Instead, consider grapes, melons, apples, bananas, kale, carrots, grass, cucumbers, or broccoli. Be sure the fruit or vegetables have been washed well and all surplus water has been removed.

Other treats your hamster may enjoy are small pieces of cooked chicken, lentils, sunflower seeds, plain air popped popcorn, cooked pasta, non-sugary whole grain cereal, or unsalted peanuts.

You might also want to treat your hamster once a week to hard treats such as a small dog biscuit or commercial hamster snacks which will help wear down the teeth.

Hamsters like to stuff food in their cheek pouches and then stash it away. Just because a food dish is empty you do not have to replenish it before normal feeding time.

Be sure to regularly check the hamster’s bedding to remove any rotting food the hamster has hidden away.