What To Expect When You Are Pregnant

No two pregnancies are exactly alike so it is difficult to determine exactly what you can expect when you become pregnant.  However, there are some factors that are common among most women.

Often a woman will experience signs that indicate she might be pregnant.  This usually will prompt her to purchase and use a home pregnancy test.  These home pregnancy tests can be purchased at almost any drug store or grocery store.  When you use the home pregnancy test, keep in mind that although they are designed for accuracy they are not 100% right.  Occasionally, these tests are wrong.  Therefore, it is important for any woman who suspects she is pregnant to consult with her health care professional who will accurately test for pregnancy.

Some of the symptoms most women experience during pregnancy are heightened sensitivity to certain foods and/or odors.  In the early stages of pregnancy especially the woman may experience morning sickness (sometimes morning sickness can last all day).  For some women, morning sickness continues throughout the entire pregnancy.  She may be very tired and she may experience mood swings.  There are some women who will experience odd food cravings too.

A pregnant woman is going to experience lots of changes, both physically and mentally.  As the baby grows and begins pressing more heavily on her bladder, she will experience more frequent trips to the bathroom.   Mood swings may become more frequent and more intense.

It is extremely important when pregnant for the woman to follow a healthy lifestyle.  This includes, among other things, not smoking and avoiding second hand smoke, and avoiding alcoholic beverages.  To promote good development for the child and to give the child a healthy start in life the mother-to-be should eat healthy foods and drink milk.

After your pregnancy has been confirmed and when you begin to increase in size, it is time to start shopping for maternity clothing.  Many stores have a maternity department.  During the first months of pregnancy some women simply wear oversized shirts and pants with elastic waistbands.  Toward the end of the pregnancy she may have to at least wear maternity pants that have a panel in front for the expansion of the belly.  If you are lucky, you may have a relative or friend who will loan you some clothing to wear during your pregnancy.

When you are expecting a new baby there are a number of other things you need to consider.  Your baby is going to need many things and now is the time to shop for those nursery items.

It is nice to have a rocking chair where you can cuddle and feed your baby.  Other things you will need include a crib and possibly a bassinet, baby blankets and clothing, linens for the baby’s bed, bottles, diaper pails (if using cloth diapers) and a diaper bag, disposable diapers, car seats, etc.

If you are planning to convert a room in your home for the new baby it is a good idea to start the project early.  The pregnant woman should not be exposed to any paint or other harmful products that may cause a problem for her or for the unborn child.

Frequently after the child is born the woman will have a desire to lose her pregnancy weight and get back to her former self.  Check with your health care professional before starting any exercise regime.  It may be prudent to rest immediately after giving birth before starting to exercise.  Your health care professional can prescribe a timeline, based on your overall health, when it will be safe for you as a new mother to begin exercising.