What To Look For When Buying A Long-Term Travel Backpack

Backpacks in the leaves.

When you are planning a trip where you will be depending on the use of a backpack the backpack will be the most important purchase you make for the trip. You need something that is sturdy enough to endure the rigors of the trip. Large enough to carry what you need, yet small enough to handle easily. You do not want wheels on a travel backpack.

A travel backpack with an internal frame is the most popular style for travel. It helps keep everything contained.

The most popular size for a travel backpack is between 3,000 and 5,000 cubic inches. If you are planning a short trip you can probably use a smaller size. Do not have a full backpack when you leave home for your trip. You need to allow some room to add in things you may accumulate along the way.

When purchasing a travel backpack look for double stitching. Look for sturdy buckles and straps and quality metal zippers that work well. You want the double zipper which can be easily locked with a padlock. A good travel backpack will have some netting or a ventilation system so your back does not become too sweaty when carrying your backpack.

Always try on your backpack before purchasing it. The backpack should feel comfortable for you to wear even when it is packed with weight.

The weight of the travel backpack should rest on your hips and not pull your shoulders down. You want your travel backpack to have a waist strap.

You want to be able to walk with the loaded backpack without becoming sweaty.


You want to be able to stand up straight and not hit the back of your head on the top of the backpack.

Backpacks can be either top loading or side loading. Each individual has his own preference on the style they want to use.

If you will be taking your travel backpack on an airline be sure it is the proper size. A backpack of 45 inches or less should be alright.

If you are considering purchasing a used travel backpack make sure the straps and zippers are in good proper working order. Be sure the frame is solid and not bent or warped. Be sure the bag itself is still in good durable shape. You can save money if you are able to locate a good, well fitting used travel backpack.

Your backpack is probably the most important item you have for your trip so you want to be sure it is designed to meet your needs, is sturdy enough to withstand the rigors of the trip and is comfortable to carry and use.