What Type Of Motorcycle Insurance Coverage Do You Need?


Having insurance coverage for your motorcycle is required in most states if you want to legally drive the motorcycle. At least you need to carry the basic liability insurance.

Liability insurance will cover injury or damages you may cause another person or someone else’s property. It does not cover you or your motorcycle.

The amount of coverage which will be paid under your liability insurance coverage is determined by the limits of insurance you purchase. If you purchase the cheapest liability coverage with the lowest legal limits and have a serious accident where damages exceed your limits you are responsible for expenses over and above your coverage limits.

If you want insurance coverage for your own motorcycle then you will need to add collision coverage to your insurance policy. Collision insurance pays for damages to your motorcycle as the result of an accident after you have paid the deductible amount. You decide how much of a deductible you want when you purchase the policy.

To cover your motorcycle for problems arising from non-accidents such as vandalism, fire or theft you can add comprehensive coverage to your insurance policy.


There is always the possibility you might have an accident caused by someone else who is either not insured or underinsured. In this case having uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage can be helpful. This type coverage may be added and included in your policy and will provide you with reimbursement for expenses you incur as the result of the accident caused by the uninsured or underinsured motorcyclist.

When you decide to purchase a motorcycle you need to discuss with your insurance agent the type and limits of motorcycle insurance coverage that will be best for you.

People purchase motorcycles for the pleasure of riding them. You don’t want to have to worry you will suffer financial hardship if you are involved in an accident. For your own peace of mind you need to take the time to purchase and maintain adequate insurance coverage for your motorcycle.