Where To Sell Your Crafts

Many people who enjoy making craft items are looking for ways to sell their products.  Here are some ideas for selling your crafts either online or offline.  If you decide to go into the business of selling your crafts you will need to be versatile to please your customers.

Be sure when you are pricing your crafts for sale you do not price your items too low and sell yourself short.  Instead determine a fair reasonable price to ask for your craft products.  This way customers will be willing to buy and you will still be making a profit.

If you are interested in selling offline you might want to approach consignment shops.  Consignment shops are a good way to get your feet wet when you are starting to sell your crafts.  At a consignment shop the shop owner is usually not risking any money so they are willing to let you sell the items you have made.  You will find that the fees for selling at a consignment shop can be a little high.  Most shops charge one third of the sale price of the item plus a monthly fee.

Another offline sales option is museum shops.  These shops are usually staffed by volunteers who are easy to approach.  They will be helpful letting you know the price point of their merchandise so you can decide if your craft items are a good fit for their inventory.  Business in museum shops is usually very slow so you probably will not have many sales and will probably  not be making very much money selling there.

You have the opportunity to earn a good amount of money if you sell at craft shows near you.  These craft shows may be only for one day or may run for as long as a week.   At a craft show you are in charge of your craft item.  You determine the sale price and set up your own display.

While you may make a good amount of money selling at a craft show some of the more commercial good craft shows charge hundreds of dollars to participate.  Other local craft shows may be free to participate or charge only a nominal fee.

Trade shows are a possibility for selling your crafts.  However, these shows can be very expensive to enter.  They do offer the possibility of earning a great deal of money in just a few days.

If you advertise you may be able to sell your crafts from your home. Selling from your home will cut into your family time and you may find yourself on call for more hours than you want.

If you decide to sell your crafts online there are several places from which to choose.

Etsey is a great place to showcase your crafts.  There is a low start-up cost and the online support is very appealing to many people.  On Etsey there will be lots of competition so you may not always sell your merchandise.  If your product is unique you will stand a better chance of good sales.

eBay is another good place to sell your crafts online.  When you sell on eBay you will know within one week whether or not your products sold.  However, the people buying on eBay are looking for bargains so you may not always get the amount of money you want for the product you are selling.

Amazon has handmade categories where you can sell your crafts.  Products in the handmade categories sell well for reasonable prices.  You will find the fees for selling through Amazon much higher than the cost of using either eBay or Etsey for your sales.