Which Juicer Is Right For You?

hyeMany people think they want to own a juicer in order to promote a more healthy life style by increasing their fruit and vegetable consumption.  This is a great idea if you really plan to follow through with the program.

However, in order to get enough fiber in your diet you still need to eat whole fruits and vegetables since you do lose some fiber when juicing.  You also can consume additional calories because it takes a number of pieces of  fruit to make juice if you are concentrating on fruit.  To lose weight it is better to concentrate on juicing vegetables with maybe one piece of fruit included for taste.  There are claims that juicing will help you lose weight, ease joint pain, lower blood pressure and help you live longer.  Whether or not all these claims are true is a point of debate.

Juicers are expensive so you should be committed to using it if you make a purchase.  Keep in mind you will need to buy many more fruits and vegetable , preferably organic, as the quality of your produce will affect the taste of your juice.   You will need to clean the juicer after each use.  It will also take up space on your counter and in your refrigerator

imagesThere are different kinds of juicers available in a variety of price ranges.  We’ll do a little exploring.  You can purchase a basic inexpensive juicer for under $100 and the price can increase to over $1,000 for the high end machines.  There are fast juicers and slow juicers.  The fast juicer shreds the produce and separates the pulp.  It makes a thin juice without pulp.  It does not handle leafy greens too well.  The slow or  masticating  juicer crushes the juice from the food and leaves more pulp in the juice.  The chute through which you feed the food is smaller so you need to do more preparation.  The more advanced juicers work at slower speeds and extract more juice rich in nutrients from fruits, vegetables and greens.  Then there is the juicer which liquefies the whole fruits and vegetables making a thicker blend almost like a smoothie.

You will need to do your research on the type juicer that is right for you in the price range you can afford.

If you are a single person or couple and only plan to juice occasionally it may be better to buy a smaller juicer instead of a big industrial size one.   Or for someone who only wants juice once in a while it may be better to purchase your juice from a juice bar.