Why Are Some People Always Late?

Late For Work

My immediate gut reaction to that question would be because he or she is an inconsiderate, selfish boor. Of course, there may be a legitimate reason occasionally such as traffic or an unexpected occurrence in which case a phone call is in order.

Some research indicates people may be habitually late because they under estimate the amount of time it will take to reach their destination or complete a task.

There are a couple different types of people. Those who are always punctual over estimate the time it takes to arrive at the destination or complete a task as opposed to the second type who underestimate time needed.

Being late can cost job opportunities because of a bad first impression. The same thing can apply to a date. Friends may become extremely annoyed with regular tardy behavior. Coming late may cause you to be shut out of an event you wanted to attend or may cause you to miss travel connections. Finishing too many tasks late may cost you a job promotion at best or at worst may cost you your employment.

The person who always arrives late may be a chronic procrastinator who has convinced himself that being late is really not a problem.

If you are interested in improving your punctuality there are some tips you might try.


Convince yourself you need to arrive earlier than the stated time. Plan to arrive for a 1 pm appointment at 12:45 pm. Allow 15-20 minutes more travel time to reach your destination than needed. Set an alarm at home or on your phone to alert you when it is time for you to begin getting dressed or time to leave for an appointment. Set the deadline to complete a task hours before it is actually due.

Try remembering the problems you have encountered in the past as a result of your lateness and vow to avoid these problems in the future.

If your problem with not finishing tasks on time is that you take on too many tasks learn to say no when you already have enough on your plate to handle. Explain you are already over burdened and offer to help another time.

Unfortunately, there will still be some people who continue to always be late. Perhaps they enjoy the attention they receive by coming late. Perhaps it’s the excitement of catching a train or plane within seconds of departure. Or perhaps, they simply do not worry about inconveniencing others and making people wait for them.