Why Pet Owners Live Longer

Studies have shown that pet owners do, in fact, live longer than those who do not own pets.  Newer studies indicate that not only do pet owners live longer they live healthier happier lives. 

Pets give unconditional love to their human owner.  The human owner becomes devoted to the pet and gives the pet unconditional care and affection.

Owning a pet may be a wise decision for you.  Here are some benefits to consider if you are thinking about becoming a pet parent.

Do you lead a stressful life?  Cuddling your cat or hanging out with your dog can offer stress relief.  Even watching your fish do their thing can relax you.

Your body reacts to a perceived threat when you are stressed.  When this occurs your body produces and releases hormones known as cortisol and adrenaline.  The release of these hormones into your body can cause an increase in your blood pressure, a rapid heart rate and a tensing of your muscles.  When you interact with your pet the effects of stress on your body are reduced.  Not only is the stress reduced in the body the stress on the human mind is also reduced.  Your body becomes in a state of relaxation when there is a decrease in the stress-releasing hormones.  When the body is relaxed the mind is relaxed also.  In reverse, if the mind is relaxed the body is relaxed too.

A second benefit of owning a pet is that it can help you get fit and stay fit.  This is especially true if you own a dog.  Dogs need walking and exercise, just like humans.  Walking with your dog and playing catch with him will help you to be fit.  Exercise also releases stress, eases the mind and provides physical fitness.  When you are out walking and playing with your pet it gives you the opportunity to socialize with your neighbors and other pet owners who are out walking their dog.

Compared with non-pet owners, pet owners have more opportunities to socialize.  A pet owner walking the dog will often be noticed by other people who will stop to see the dog and chat with you.  You can meet and greet new people while out walking your dog or while attending dog shows or taking your pet to the dog park.  These are all great ways to meet new people.

Pets provide another important benefit to their owner.  Pets have a way of alleviating loneliness.  This is especially true for the elderly who often are by themselves and are lonely Having the companionship that comes from the love of a pet can help minimize the terrible experience and pain that results from loneliness.  Owning a pet and having the responsibility that comes with his care gives you the feeling of being needed   Chances are good that when you own a pet loneliness will decrease and happiness will increase.

These are just a few reasons why owning a pet has many benefits.  It also explains why pet owners really do live longer and enjoy healthier and happier lives.