Why Should You Visit Patagonia?

patagonia-08Patagonia may be one of those secret destinations most people never think about visiting.

It is located in South America at the southern end and is a part of both Argentina and Chile.

A trip to Patagonia is affordable and accessible. You can reach the area from the United States within 24 hours. There are cruise ships which have Patagonia as a destination port.

Patagonia’s west cost is toward the Pacific Ocean while the east cost is toward the Atlantic Ocean. The coast of Patagonia has resort towns with comfortable accommodations. The food at the tourist areas is very good with an emphasis on grilled meats and pasta and local ingredients. Lamb is a traditional meat in Patagonia.

If you venture inland you may find yourself in a remote wilderness. It is possible to not see other people or to see hikers or climbers off in a distance..

The region boasts the largest body of ice outside the polar region. The Patagonia Ice Cap is larger than 10,000 square miles.

Located in this South American paradise is the Period Moreno Glacier which covers 50 square miles. You can gaze in wonder as huge chunks from the glacier come off the glacier and cause a loud roar as they set off waves by landing in the water.

You will see glacier lakes as you’ve never seen them before. The lakes have shades of blue, green or turquoise unlike colors seem anywhere else.

If you enjoy seeing rock spires you might want to visit the Glaciers National Park.

Los-Glaciares-National-Park-3In Patagonia there are many snow capped peaks, glaciers and mountain ranges to explore. You might enjoy hiking in the mountains of Patagonia. If you are hiking be sure to look at the ground and enjoy the glorious display of wildflowers.

If you enjoy wildlife you can spend time whale watching. Other wildlife includes the Andean candor, which boasts the world’s largest wingspan, the Patagonia fox or the Magellan penguin or flamingos. You might enjoy watching the magnificent birds in the area.

The weather in Patagonia can change very quickly. The climate is normally pretty temperate. The weather can go from sunny skies to drizzle to rain in a matter of minutes.

The wind in Patagonia can be so strong at times it can knock you off your feet.

Patagonia is still a quiet place and largely unspoiled. In many places it is still rustic and untamed.

If you are looking for a place to relax and restore your spirits Patagonia might be the place for you to visit. If you enjoy fishing there are some excellent opportunities to fish. There are also mountains for climbing and trails for hiking if you want to be more active.

The people of Patagonia are very pleasant and hard working. If you visit the locals will make you feel welcome and they are sincere when they suggest they hope you return again.